YOWICAN Crisis: Excos axe Kamuche as Emeghara takes over


The Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria, YOWICAN, Imo State chapter Thursday booted out its chairman, Pastor Kamuche Chukwudi and elected Rev. Dr. Uche Emeghara as the new chairman.
Before sacking Pastor Chukwudi, the association passed a vote of no confidence on him citing non- involvement of bloc leaders in the administration of the association as reason for showing him the way out.


The association also accused Pastor Kamuche of divide and rule as well as compromising his position by selling out to politicians.
But Pastor Kamuche fired back at his traducers maintaining that he remains the chairman of the association.
‘I’m still the chairman of YOWICAN. I don’ know who is giving you information but the truth is that I am still in office. Right now if you can come to the secretariat, you will see me and other executives of the association. Nobody has removed me from office,’ said the embattled cleric.
Information reaching National Newsbreak has it that decision to sack Pastor Kamuche was taken by bloc leaders of the association at a meeting at a different location in Owerri after Pastor Kamuche had ordered the locking up of the association’s secretariat at.
Meanwhile, the new chairman of the association, Rev. Dr. Uche Emeghara has expressed his profound gratitude to the leaders and members of the association for finding him worthy to administer the association for the next three years.
Speaking on telephone at the weekend, Rev. Emeghara, Presiding Prelate of Grace Time International Church, Owerri unfolded his programmes to include restoration of unity in YOWICAN and improvement of the welfare of members through job placement and skill acquisition.
He noted that crisis has been rocking YOWICAN for years but pledged to end all forms of wrangling in the association.
Rev. Emeghara seized the opportunity to warn politicians to play by the rule, stating that any politician that insults Christian leaders in the state would have YOWICAN to contend with.

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