Writer cum singer, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike said he has just noticed that majority of entertainers in Nigeria especially the East are still afraid of the media.
Hardy who has been at the forefront of entertainment reporting in Eastern Nigeria for the past two years via the internet and print media, revealed that more work needs to be done on the mentality of entertainers in the east.


“I don’t mean to disrespect anyone but the fact still remains that most entertainers here want their activities in the media to be by accident and so will never do anything to move towards the media.
While some believe that reporters are supposed to sniff out stories from their thoughts, other believe they have no place in the media and so stay away from it.
I hate it when people are so comfortable reading about people they are better than every morning; they turn fans of people who are supposed to be their fans just because of a certain ego or fear of the unknown” Hardy said.
The www.otowngist.com founder then called on entertainers no matter the level they are, to seize the vast opportunities the media has to offer, because it is the only way they will be known and can see growth.
“Funny enough some people believe their Facebook account will give them more publicity than Sun and Vanguard newspapers combined. This is ignorant and will never take such people anywhere.
Even the smallest politician understand how it works and that is why they get famous within a short time.
There’s no gain in keeping it to yourself, kill the fear; kill the pride; kill the ego and walk up to a reporter today. Don’t wait for them to sniff out your stories because they might be too busy not to notice.
The media is your friend, and even when it gets ugly, it is still showbiz; sometimes the uglier the better” He added.
Chinedu Hardy Nwadike has authored the book Chronicles of Age, a 400 page novel, as well as other great articles. He revealed that he is working on his second book which will be finished next year.

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