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Adanna Obi knocks off KozyG dating buzz

by OtownGist

In a swift reaction to an article titled ‘Is KozyG now dating Adanna Obi?’ which was published in some entertainment news blog around the country, Otowngist.com reporter, Adanna Obi has withdrawn herself from the story, saying she is not dating KozyG.
Although there were pictures of the pair in the article, Adanna maintained that her meeting with KozyG was official just like she has had with other artistes.

“There is nothing special about the meeting and it was just like others I have had when I’m running interviews with other members of TeamOtowngist. It is unfortunate the pictures got out, but there is nothing more to it” She said.
She waved out Hardy’s Facebook matchmaking, calling it one of the jokes the Otowngist.com boss put up always.
“The matchmaking was funny when I saw it, but it was just one of those things Hardy does all the time.
I have a relationship which means everything to me and unfortunately, KozyG is not the one. The pictures were taken on an ordinary day of work.
I don’t know who got that thing online, but whatever happens, they should leave my private life alone” She added.
Still on the same issue, singer KozyG confirmed Adanna’s testimony saying, “Adanna is a nice person and a professional in what she does. She would probably put up a good mood to get her job done very well.
I admire her style of writing but that’s where it ends, nothing more.
It’s unfortunate she had to be hit by this buzz, but it’s one of those things in our world and I pray it doesn’t do any damage to her because she is a nice person”


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