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Rapper, Treasure Gold has admitted that she is mostly faced with choosing to do things the right or wrong way every day.
The rapper who declared that she is moving up to the international stage said she has learnt her lessons in life and the only thing left for her is to be her real self.

“As an artiste I’ve learnt two things, to be the real me, and to accept every other person in the game.
 I know my music is passing a massage to the entire public, if I do bad it gets to them, if I do good, it gets to them as well.  So, I’m left with one choice, which is doing the real thing, being myself”
Treasure Gold who also took time to mourn the recently fallen heroes of the music industry like Goldie, Keffy and Cynthomania saying that their efforts will not be forgotten in a hurry.
“It is so sad to see talented folks like that go down that path, it is something we can do nothing about and we pray they find rest where ever they are.
We should appreciate the life we have despite the terror that has befallen us; the missing Chibok girls, bombing by Boko Haram, kidnapping and corruption.
Let’s keep praying and thanking God for the life we have because if you think that it’s your alarm that wakes you up, try putting it next to a corpse and you will realize how wonderful it is to have life” She said


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