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Which of these female artistes will rule in 2014 and who is the hottest?

by OtownGist

2014 already has a month down and while the many male artistes in Imo State are doing their best to see who rules this year, the female hostel is less congested with just few names on the contenders’ list.
2013 was more of a parallel for both sexes, because despite the big efforts put in, few climbed the ladder, although none of them made it to the top of the tops.

Though these ladies are few, there is still room for more to join while those who could be considered to be sleeping are still free to wake up and join the race.
This simply means that someone outside this list could still steal the crown while those listed are scrambling for it.
The crown will not go to the person making the greatest impact in the city, but the person making an overall impact in the entertainment industry nationwide, ending the year at the top of the tops.
Can we see that happening this year? Let’s see what these ladies have.  
Aside their talents and whatever they have achieved in music, who is the hottest?

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Pattsy Chizzy
She might be more qualified than everyone on the list with more singles and a video to her name.
Her name has gone far and she knows people and is also known in many states of the country. The question is simply this, is 2014 the year she would be stepping to the top of the tops?
So far this year, she hasn’t released any song.


Treasure Gold
She has already played a role in a single, ‘Run Run Run’ with LMG and Still Bill. Treasure Gold raps like no other artiste on this list which gives her a rare comfort zone because no matter what happens, she would never be competing with anyone for any reason.
Her number of singles follows that of Pattsy Chizzy, rumors have it she is working on a video.
Is it her time yet?

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Just less than 12 months old in the industry, she has two singles and many collabos to her name.
Floxy is the most publicized amongst every other person on the list having built a good online reputation in less than a year with her personal website and other stunts.
Music is more than publicity; does she have what it takes to pen and voice a song that will sweep every feet carrying the head that hears it?
She has a task of making more classics this year. That’s the only way for her.

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Her talent will never be a doubt and there have been questions on where she learnt how to sing.
Sparkle has recently proven her worth in the industry but she has more work to do now especially when others like RU2 and Floxy can climb every pitch she comes down from.
If she ever returns, her experience can lift her to the top again.

Angel D
Another rapper on the list; unique in her style and dressing. She is a travelling artiste which means her experience is increasing day by day.
She worked with one single for the whole of 2013; but this year will be different because people will be looking forward to seeing more hits from the Biochemist turn singer.

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She also worked with one single and a video last year on an official level and will be looking forward to making a great impact in 2014.
She is known for her physique, but she will be needing more than that  to clinch this crown and going for more singles as well as seeing that she makes great impact in her home state, Rivers State as well as Imo.

Two singles and an unreleased video made her record last year, but the singer still has more work to do in seeing that she becomes the next name on the lips of music lovers in the country.
Her time in the industry and the people she has worked with could be a standing point for her, but she needs to take off from there and explore whatever spots that seemed to be her limits last year.

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Sandy Balq
God blessed her with a great voice and she is using it well. She marked her debut at the end of 2013 with two single, a fair awareness for what she can do in 2014.
They said she cleared her old songs in 2013, making way for the fresh tunes to drop in 2014. So far nothing has come from her, yet the crown could be hers if she drops the right card on the table.


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