An open letter to Mr Bla bla bla


Re: Open letter to Otown artistes by 2shymusic on

Re: Open letter to Otown artistes by 2shymusic

First of all I want to congratulate Mr bla bla bla who wrote the letter titled ‘An Open letter to Otown artiste(s)’ posted on  That letter certainly broke a barrier in blogging especially in Imo State where articles are rarely written by bloggers.

Although the author claimed to be Mr blab la bla, his tone turned out to be that of a blogger because in various paragraphs the phrase ‘we bloggers’ was used.
Speaking of ‘We bloggers’, who are ‘we’? Are they the entire bloggers in Imo State or just the numerous bloggers working under Because the last time I checked the issues addressed on that letter are mostly personal.


In that case I should title this article ‘An open letter to Mr Bla bla bla’.

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Dear Mr Bla bla bla
You are such a terrible writer and will get more terrible if you don’t cub the rate at which you were causing in that letter. I will assume you did what you did because you were lacking words and so chose to use a lot of f**k to make it look like you are one angry black American kid who cannot speak plain English. Bros you be one local fowl, so cut the yankee accent.
Blogs are meant to educate people and not to offend them. I bet you Mr Bla bla bla, your letter was more offensive than the people you were writing about.

By saying ‘we bloggers’, it means you are a blogger, so let me talk to you as one.
As a blogger what have you done for these artistes you are complaining about? How many times have you written an article hyping any of them aside the artiste bio that comes with the usual ‘New Music’ theing.  Of course if you are Mr Bla bla bla, you blog will be which does not exist.
While you are calling these people local stars, also remember thus, YOU ARE A LOCAL BLOGGER’. I hope it does not bother you because at a point all of us will be local champions, state champions, national champions before we precede to the globe so only a fool will be bothered by that.
You know Lagos more than everyone and believe no artiste in Owerri can stand the smallest in Lagos. You are right because this is a jealousy inspired statement. If a certain artiste should wrong you, deal with the person and don’t go on insulting a whole city because you are seeking attention in anonymity.
If the so called O’town artistes cannot pay a dime for the services you render, you can as well pack-up or turn to a clone or Linda Ikeji, NotjustOk and tooexclusive because the last time I checked, these people have been in the picture for close to a decade or more and you are just less than a year old in the business.
Pay your dues Mr Bla bla bla, which is the only way people will want to pay you.


You also mentioned featuring them in your songs which means you are an artiste and I quote you “One stupid unknown local upcoming artist(e) from my place same blood same language will tell me to pay him b4 he can come on my track?? Aint that stupid of the fool”
If the said artiste you want to feature is a fool, stupid, unknown and local, I will just assume he is bringing a quality to your song which makes him better than you. So being a fool, stupid, unknown and local, means you are worse than he is which is why  you thought  through the night and decide to feature him. This is just frustration.
Insulting people won’t give you attention. You have done nothing as an artiste and you expect people who have spent so much on radio airplay and other means of promotion to skip their daily activities for you and at the end you give him N500 as appreciation money. Get over it Mr Bla bla bla.
If nobody gets paid with a fair amount at least, what will mark the difference?
Everyone must pay his dues, and I have to reveal that there was a time trekked the streets of Owerri looking for studios where I can meet artistes to interview. Most producers know that, it was my dues and even when I say was, I still do my usual studio tours till date.

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Everyone is faced with the fear of extinction while he is still living. Only uniqueness can make you stand out. If you are a clone of tooexclusive or notjustok, nobody will need you because they have the originals and you are just a clone [copy cat].
Before you say ‘we’ next time, specify the people the ‘we’ is covering because someone else can read that and think you are the spokes person of bloggers down here.
Another advice to you Mr Bla bla bla, type your articles with a Word Processors and Microsoft Word comes free on every computer. This will detect your many grammatical stunts free of charge.
I hope this will help.


Unlike you  Mr Bla bla bla, ‘I AM CHIEF HARDY’. I have a name.

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