Dear Bro Fuston,
Kindly help me answer this question. My friends are discouraging me from going on with a guy who is serious about marrying me.
There only reason is that he is fat, and that will push me into extra-marital relationship because according to them fat men usually have small penis that can hardly satisfy a woman sexually and that such men do not have enough stamina to last in the act.


How true is this? I love the guy, he is decent, well behaved and from a notable home. He is 29 years, very fair and pot bellied while I am 26, dark but not too slim.
Any advice you offer, I promise will be used to better my life. Once again God bless you for being there for me.
Livina in Owerri.

Dear Livina,
God is our potter and we are the clay in His hands, He makes or moulds us the way He likes and we cannot question His wisdom in this.
Some He made big, slim, fair, black and so on and He gave to everyone a distinctive potentials or ability to recreate the world around us, touch lives and put smiles on faces. So even if it is true that fat men are usually born with small manhood, God will furnish them with other things in the body that will help them carry on well with their conjugal responsibility unless the man is ignorant of such endowment.
Besides, I have not seen any book or any scientific proof that fat men usually dot small manhood and lack the stigma to last sexually. I have also not proved that all slim men must bear a Monday hammer in between their legs.
Like I told you, God blesses us differently and it behooves us to use God’s blessings appropriately.
Don’t listen to your friends, they are not standards on this matter, the best you can do if you actually love the young man for marriage is for you two to conduct some medical tests that can ascertain your compatibility since you have considered him decent and well behaved. Take time so that you are not misled. Happy weekend.     

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