Female artistes have often received poor attentions maybe because there are always few of them who are very serious with what they are doing.
Aside in the world of fashion, where ladies have topped the list of achievers in the country, they have failed to clinch a worthy place in the world of music where in Imo State the ratio of male artistes to females will still be wrong when put to 10:1, because it is wrong.


Female artistes have struggled because of the societal constants which have it that female entertainers live indecent lives, a conclusion carved out from the example the males have set.
This is African, a continent where people still believe that nuns once in a while wish they were married. The goal of almost every African woman is to settle in a wonderful home with a wonderful husband; this goal has endured and will remain one the greatest achievements a woman would make in Africa.
If Tuface had been a lady with six kids out of wedlock, would her eventual marriage to one the parents of their kids be celebrated with gifts of expensive cars and enormous media coverage?
The media would still tag it a show of shame.
If Timaya and the Psquare brothers had been females, would they have been so proud to pose with kid they had out of wedlock?
Sasha, Genevieve and others are often stigmatized when they called single mothers and if your daughter is watching these from the corner, how much courage would it cost her to step up as an artiste in a world where the name has already been rubbished.
I think she needs three times the courage of a male artiste to do her first recording and double of that to remain an artiste because several attempts of sexual harassments by promoters and record label owners will surely discourage here.
This article is geared at hailing the courage of ladies doing music; also encourage others who wish to join the industry and set aside the achievement of some ladies who have so far kept the flag of Imo State flying in the music industry.

Cyndy O:
She will definitely be the first to be mentioned here because her official entry into the industry was before others.
With singles like ‘Aristo babes’ and ‘Just move’, Cyndy has pioneered the race for ladies in the afro-hip-hop world
She is now in Lagos, where she also does radio presentations.
She’ll have her latest single ‘Ada Maramma’ featuring Stormrex and the video of her hit ‘Just move’ as the freshest thing in the memory of her fans.


Akwa Ibom State born Kokomma can never be denied the role she has played in probably inspiring other ladies who till date still stand their ground in the industry.
The first thing I heard from her was ‘Go go’, a wonderful dancehall track with the feminine flows, thanks to Chet Beat.
Next was ‘It’s my life’ in December 2012 after shooting the video of ‘Go go’.
To me the best of Kokomma is still on the audio and video of ‘Go go’, which were both works of 2012.
 She has not released any single  in 2013 and we hope to see something of double impact from her.
Good looking ladies like that are not supposed to be missed from the scene.

Her title as the best female vocalist in the South Eastern region of the country might no longer be standing firm with other ladies doing wonderful things with their voices as well.
Sparkle made a triumphant entry into the industry with the track ‘Holiday baby’ in June, 2012 after which she returned with a gospel track ‘No one’, on her birthday March 26, 2013, almost a year after.
However, her vocal prowess had been felt in so many collaborations, of which the latest was in ‘Bonny and Clyde’  where she was featured by rapper Dawn Tawn.
Sparkle will be a real deal if she can step up to take her place.

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Pattsy Chizzy
Steeping into the scene as far back as 2007, her first video hit the screens in August 2013 and Pattsy Chizzy who has more content than any other artiste on this list has seen it all, having worked with top producers and artistes in the country.
Jankoloma Featuring  Splendid, Saga Saga , Tulu Ugo, Tango Galala  and  Ice Cream are some of the tracks attached to her name.
Unlike others with one or two tracks officially released, she has 7 tracks to her name and I wonder how many years it will take others to achieve that. This was achieved in less than four years.
To me, her trending works are: Video of Saga Saga and Tulu Ugo


She will be known for the famous track ‘Mama’ which she dedicated to mothers. 
Vivada who will be among the youngest on the list also has a collaboration with Enugu State born singer, Veecko Kyngz.
Unknown to many, Vivada has an unreleased video which will be hitting the screens in no distance time,
Her drive to achieve has left her a serious contender for the top female artiste born in Imo State.
‘Change your style’ Featuring Vecko Kyngz and Mama Featuring Femi Large are her official singles so far and I believe the release of her video will give her more dept in the industry.


Angel D:
She a spontaneous rapper with all kinds of uniqueness I love to see in a female artiste.
Fashion wise, she has kept up with a style that will soon be tagged to her name and music wise; she is known as the ‘Don’t Touch’ crooner.
Just one single to her name, the world already thinks she has plenty because of much collaboration she has already done.
Angel D has seen herself on many stages around the country and I know she won’t be a one track artiste.
Something big should be coming from her soon.

I assume her to be the baby of the house, making her debut early this year with ‘Competition’.
Floxy who showed what her next single would look like in one of the editions of Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite, when she performed ‘I gat you’ with fellow singer and brother Kozy, latter made an entry into Nigeria Top 10 anchored by Sammy Davis of Hot 99.5 FM Owerri; thanks to Somik Productions and her singing prowess.
The Ebony State born singer is in the world of her with a voice that has already become famous among music lovers in the region and beyond.
The next thing from Floxy will surely ‘I gat you’ featuring Kozy unless she changes her mind, but till then, she is another contender for ‘Miss Voice’ if there is anything like that.

With Ruggedman referring her backside as ‘3-in-one’, Princessa marked her entry into the music industry early this year with ‘Dance for me’, a dancehall track produced by Aizbag.
The audio of ‘Dance for me’ was released again alongside the video in August, 2013 and the success of the song alongside minor controversies that followed  because of her name help lift her social profile from just an artiste to a known artiste in the region.
Next thing for Princessa is seeing that she maintains the high profile she has already built.