Statement by Lagos State based rapper. Young6ix and a list of best rappers in Nigeria by NotJustOk, put plenty rappers on their toes as they  tried to proved these people wrong.


To some rappers, no one like Young6ix should proclaim himself the best rapper in the country and a website like NotJutsOk does not have the right to declare the best rappers in the country since no one has acclaimed them ‘Nigeria Ministry of Rappers’.
“They don’t have the right to publish such lists” a certain rapper said to me, but if they can’t, who will?
This is as a result of the fact that freedom of speech has been misunderstood in Nigeria, it is a problem for the nation because anyone can now say anything and just get away with it.
Imo State based rapper, LMG who threw an unreturned challenge at Young6ix with a track titled ‘Names of Noise Makers’, has probably established his own hell of trouble with his Independence Day release titled ‘Caution’
The track which was nothing different from ‘Names of Noise Makers’, is short with punches directed to majority of top South East rappers.
By dissing  Slow Dogg, Bosalin, X-busta, Zoro, Aifee, Phyno and Yung Roc, someone considered as his friend, LMG will surely be warming up for more troubles.
The rapper who recently changed his twitter handle from @LMG_Regis to @YoBoiLMG, a development fellow producer Regiz will welcome after the name ‘Regis’ became a subject of tussle between the two producers last year, when Regiz claimed that LMG had stolen his name, threatening the younger producer to drop the name or face his wraths.
Although his talent as a rapper is not a doubt, many still say that he is wasting his talents on diss tracks, something that should be put to good use in songs that will inspire people positively.
I just wonder if LMG can stand the impact of these rappers if they decide to bounce back on him.
LMG has been dubbed controversial, a title he always tries to keep alive with every opportunity that comes calling.
Let’s hope that one day, he will find his match,

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Listen to Caution