Chinedu hardy Nwadike

All is set for Chinedu Hardy Nwadiketo make his debut into the music industry with the single ‘Shadow’.
Hardy who is also the CEO of said his debut into the music industry will not stop other things he is doing.


The Industrial Chemist cum author whose maiden novel, Chronicles of Age went on sale in Amazon last month said he is aware of the challenges artistes face.
In his words “I’m aware of the challenges in being an artiste because I have worked with so many artistes who shared their experiences with me.
I’m doing music like myself and no other and I want to see how it goes.”
Hardy however denied that he is turning into another jack of all trades by saying that doing music was just one way of expressing himself.
“I know people will say I want to do everything, but it is not like that. I know my voice is not as sweet as that of a regular artiste, but music is still something I love. I sing every day, writing songs for people and my choir, so it’s time for me to see what I can do in that angle.
Many people will be watching to see the kind of song I’ll do because I have come open to criticize the ills in the industry. I won’t be the judge at the end, but just a player this time around.
Whatever judgment I receive, I’ll surely be ready to face anything that comes out of it, while still having in mind that no human can condemn me on the thing I love ”
Early this year, he released an unofficial single on his birthday, featuring Acharaman, LMG, Pluto, Kozy and the dukes and confessed it was his first time in a recording boot.
According him, ‘Shadow’ is a massage to anyone who does nothing but hating others and the song is produced by top producer, Somik Productions while rapper Murda Crack who made it to the 10th position on the most gifted rappers in O’town list, was featured.
Shadow drops online on Friday, October 25, 2013, while radio airplay may commence earlier around the country.

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