As the battle to inspire female entertainers intensifies, some are using their achievement s to inspire others, while others look back on what they have experienced as a push-up for those that are ready to give up on the entertainment industry.


One of those is rapper, Angel D, who played back her encounter with a certain DJ in Onitsha, Anambra State, who made her one the most embarrassing offers she had ever received from man.
According to the Anambra State born Biochemist, the Dj told her that she must have sex with him before he can play her song.
I her words, “He said I must sleep with him before he can play my song with the extra condition that I will always come around to do the same thing anytime he needs me”
Although she turned down the offer, she said that such acts by some male entertainers are inhuman and embarrassing.
“If I sleep with every DJ that plays my song, it means I won’t even have time for the studio; all I’d be doing with my life would be sleeping with DJs around the county” She added.
Female entertainers have so far been intimidated and harassed by their male counterparts who are always ready to offer them unrealistic dreams especially those that are desperate for fame.
“At times ladies are the cause of the whole thing because most of us are desperate. When it is known that most of us are desperate, it means that all of us are desperate, which is why men will believe that every girl will sleep with them before they can do her a favour”
She however urged the females to work hard and also stay strong so as to avoid the cheap tricks men use to lure them.
This factor has been one of the major reason most talents have withdrawn from the industry and also the main reason some parents have vowed never to let their daughters join the industry.
Cubing it and inspiring others to staying in the industry will lead to having more responsible entertainers in the country and not the usual attention seekers that have flooded it.

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