Rugged Records artiste Mbryo has moved to defend his boss Ruggedman by saying that the Abia State born rapper was never a controversial artiste as most people think he is or used to be.


The Delta State born singer who had a good time with his boss on stage at Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite in Owerri, weekend,  spoke to before going on stage, saying  there was no way he could follow a path that never existed in the life of his boss, by being controversial.
Ruggedman was a subject of many controversies between 2003 and 2008, when it was believed that someone of his track where done just for some artistes whom he was allegedly dissing at that moment.
“He was never a controversial artistes” Mbryo cleared and went on to say ” he is just the kind of person Who will never keep quite when things are going wrong in the industry.
So people saw him as beef artiste because he was trying to fight for the industry”
The controversies turned out to be a joke when Ruggedman did a song with his supposedly number one enemy, Eedris Adbukareem.
Mbryo also added that he would do the same if he finds himself where a wrong notion is ruling.
He also defended his boss on his resent change from hard core rap to dance hall saying that Ruggedman is nothing but an artiste whose job is just to give people what they want.
“I would do the same thing, because that’s what being an artiste is all about”
Mbryo will be releasing a single in no distant time and believes it will be a massive one when it is released.

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