In a certain school in Nigeria students were asked to present a project that will help Nigerians live a better life and while others were thinking of how to add engine to a wheel barrow, how to make a car that uses water, one student thought of a way to teach Nigerians how to use their Blackberry phones for a week without charging it.


One the day of presentation, he was the last to be called, and everyone was surprised to see that he had come with no gadget to display his technological innovations.
Quietly he walked to the white board, bringing out nothing but a marker from his pocket to boldly write ‘How to use Blackberry one week without charging’.
Other students could have laughed, but having a blackberry that can last for a week without charging was just one thing Nigerians are in dear need of.
He thus started.
“If have a blackberry phone and you don’t want to charge it for a week, simply walk to a phone shop, buy a Nokia torchlight phone, charge your blackberry and the Nokia phone till their batteries are full, move your SIM card to the Nokia touch light phone and put the blackberry phone in your traveling bag.
Without pinging, you’ll see that the Nokia touch phone will last for a week while blackberry will remain full in your bag for the week.
This will help Nigerians use their pinging times for something useful.
Here ends my presentation.”
The name of that student is Akpors.

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