The 7th edition of Deejay Saquo’s  Star Nite has come and gone in Owerri sharing fun and experience at the same time.
Some of the guest and artistes at the event were careful to either dress to be cute or to kill.
We take a look at the cute and bold at the event and why they made the list on the red carpet.

She is a dancer and if you really saw her on stage, you would surely know why she has been scored bold.
She was bold enough to wear what she is wearing, knowing that the lose top could fly up while she was dancing. Good thing for her, all her whining did not cause that to happened. She is so bold
Her tummy is not too bad and I don’t have to tell you meaning of that bare shoulder. Would she have been too busty, wahala for happen de stage.

She is so cute and simple, good legs and nice outfit as well.
She could have left her shoulders bare like number one, I just wonder why she didn’t because the bra line dented the armless concept on her right.
My sister if they can’t stand on their own, please give them support. She is cute.


What is wrong with her dressing? Nothing but her footwear and that is if I am expecting her to be on hills .
Great outfit with wonderful colour combination for a dancer.
She has the right height and the exposed tummy is worthy a second look, which she actually achieved at the event because every guy she passed always wanted a second look.
She danced for Veccko Kyngz. Although skimpy wears adorn lounges these days, she was bold enough to rock the red carpet and her beauty can never be hidden. She is cute and bold.

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Dj light chose a wonderful outfit that will surely make him noticed anywhere he is.
His headphones and shirt worked well and he was wise enough to crown it all with a smile.
Dj Light will go home cute. Hope he used it well.

Her name is MJ and one can surely see she is good with colours.
Few ladies in Owerri understand they are pretty enough for the red carpet and she is one of them.
Her gown is her colour and the little revealed of her legs leaves a wonderful expectation. She is cute.

He is probably one guy that is conscious of what he wears to celebrity events.
Ladies were later seen around him, maybe his outfit did that or his wallet.
Suspense Babani of H2O chose a nice shirt and the design at the chest means he doesn’t need a tie.
While the design matches with the stripes on his suit, the black on his suit matched with his jeans.
For the little I can write here, he has a good fashion sense and therefore cute.

Ruggedman has done this for many years and so understands the simplicity of beauty.
He is not just dressed on a t-shirt but the designer of the shirt (Gucci) is the first thing everyone sees.
Aside that, every other thing about him is simple.
Ruggedman walks home cute.
Note: There might be others better than them, but they are the people that came on red carpet