Acharaman has come under heavy criticism for his recent attitude in the industry.
The Mbaise born rapper cum singer had recently opted to being on his own, there by refusing to respond to tweets and comments from most people based in Owerri.


He was a subject of tussle between two record labels months back before he released his latest single ‘form a circle’ which has moved fine around the nation and beyond.
He also came under criticism for declining to perform at Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite, an action most artistes and fans consider an act of pride and insubordination to the growth of the industry in the state.
Acharaman however denied these allegations saying that he is no way being arrogant or working against the industry of the state.
“I used to think we have a team that can listen and take orders when need occurs, only to realize that the people I think I was moving with are all cowards that betray a lot.
I hate settling for less so I dropped them and moved on.
Of what gain will it be to me that I mention some names on twitter and pretend that we are together when we are not.
All they do is go to public places to tell lies about me only for a bottle of drink, that is foolishness so I can’t move with people like that”
His statement explains why he withdrew from mentioning and responding to most people on the social networking site twitter, as well as why he has been very selective on the events he attends.
Acharaman believes his actions are championing the fight against the ill treatment melted on Imo State based artistes by most owners of event places and show promoters in the state, adding that he is only trying to make these people see the quality of people in the state and not being arrogant in any way.
“They say we receive poor treatment in our own state and I’m just showing them good quality.
They agreed to work with me but latter betrayed me.
They now say I am arrogant, but I’m only being faithful to my career” He added.

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