Although the best of Owerri can be rated higher than the ‘above average’ events in other parts of the country where people just take pictures in front of publicity backdrops (banners)  that have logos of companies on it in the name of Red Carpet; the city is still missing something on the concept of Red Carpet.


I think the Colour is still missing and people are just left to dazzle carelessly on carpets laid in front backdrops for the sake of having fresh pictures for their blackberry DPs and Facebook profile pictures.
Red Carpet is a serious part of every event where fashion freaks dazzle to show their latest acquisitions from local and international designers.
What is entertainment without style and creativity? What is Red Carpet without fashion?
The traditional definition of red carpet in events has it that the hosts will be discussing what the guests are wearing and even why they are wearing them.  They can applaud or criticize the outfits when the guests are gone from the cameras.
One thing we are actually lacking is ‘criticism’; you instantly make an enemy of anyone you criticize on the media.  Until we learn to accept these criticisms as one fun filled part of entertainment, we’ll be watching growth on our televisions and it will never be a part of our industry here in the east.
The industry in this region is thus missing is the FASHION POLICE, no celebrity at any level in this region has been criticized for wearing the wrong colours or for repeating a particular outfit as if they are the only thing in his wardrobe. It has never happened because the media has remained a platform for promotions and no one wants to make enemies of the top entertainers because they believe these entertainers hold the key to their promotion.
I just wonder what the city would look like when everyone is coming out to the public so aware that the FASHION POLICE of various entertainment blogs and magazines are watching. Won’t it be fun?
 The fun can be annoying, owing to the fact that everyone will somehow fall into their traps for a fashion offence committed in past or the future that is still to come.
No one should be angry with this FASHION POLICE innovation, because we are all happy when we laugh at the errors of top stars posted online and on magazines.
Show biz will never be fun always so everyone should be ready for it.
The whole project is to see that people become conscious of what they wear to the public and also make entertainers understand that an arrest by the FASHION POLICE is part of the terms and conditions they accepted before joining the industry.
With all accepted, we say welcome to’s FASHION POLICE.

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