Funny for the CEO of, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike he has already been dubbed as being controversial by some entertainers and stakeholders of the industry in Imo State and beyond.


Hardy who has been criticized for reporting events that would usually lay low in the city said everyone criticizing him is wasting their time and are just cowards who are afraid of being real entertainers.
He said he does not need to defend himself for writing the truth and if anyone feels he has done the wrong thing, let the person follow due process instead of wasting their time talking.
“When a designer is making his cloths, he cares less about the press, same with the producers when they make their beats, the artistes when they write their songs. Not even the radio presenters consider us when they create their concepts yet most of them want us to care about them when we are reporting events.
It must not always be the hype hype thing every day, when entertainers go the wrong path, it’s still our job to tell the public without fear or favour.
Because I report their quarrels, beefs, and controversies, some people now go about saying I am doing it for cheap fame. My advice is thus, if anyone is afraid of scandals, let him quit entertainment because they must surely come somehow” He said.
He however urged anyone signing up for the entertainment industry to be aware that one of the terms and conditions he would be accepting is that his personal life will be of public interest, urging bloggers in the state to wake up so that the entertainment industry of the state can be an interesting one .
“I’m even aware that some people are watching me, so if I wake up and see something about me online or on the newspapers, I will just smile and look for a way to make my life better.
Any blogger or reporter can write anything as long as it’s true and every entertainer in this area should wake up to that” He added.

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