Zanders FM duo of Jegz B and Princessa, have been rumoured to have more than their work relationship as the bond between them according to reports flying around because of their deep partnership especially on the Red Carpet of Deejay Saquo Star Nite where both serve as anchor.


Jegz-B who anchors the famous Wake Up Call on the new radio station denied the denied dating Prencessa who is dubbed Ekwuruekwu 1 of Africa (Talkative 1 of Africa) on her evening traffic show.
He however praised dark skinned presenter who has never been seen any where more than 5 meters away from him during Star Nite, saying she has a very high IQ and is also a very good partner.
“We hear people saying this on daily basis, but say the same thing because it is not true. She is a very good partner and working mate. She’s got very high IQ, she’s a person I love to work with, a good critic and a very intelligent person.
We battle so much with ideas and so far it’s been so good. There is this natural blend between us that people often think there is more to it, but it’s nothing.” He said.
He however laughed off the question of making the natural blend go beyond what it is presently, saying that only time will tell if that will ever be.
“Only time will tell that, for now I enjoy working with her and she is one girl you’ll find interesting when you work with her”
Should the partnership materialize into something bigger, it would never be something new to the city of Owerri after the likes of acting Director General of Imo Broadcasting Corporation, Sister Eee  got married to colleague in IBC, and the duo of Hot 99.5 FM Owerri, U-zone and E-berry did the same recently. 

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Jegz – B and Princessa at Star Nite 6 Red Carpet