To clear what would end up as personal row between producers Suspense Babani and Yung Roc over who truly produced the track ‘Party Lesson’, where Yung Roc alleged that he was betrayed by Suspense and G-tims(artiste) who could not recognize him as the producer of the track.

Earlier G-Tims had said that Yung Roc was just invited by suspense and it would be unfair to mention him as the producer of the song. He simply said that Yung Roc was asking for too much.
Throwing more light on why he removed Yung Roc’s signature tune from the song, Suspense said he had to do it because there was an agreement between him and Yung Roc that he(Yung Roc) was only invited based on the relationship between him (Suspense) and the artiste to make input on the beat.
“I told him that I invited him because we are friends not that I cannot produce the song and he accepted the terms I put down before the production began.
I was surprise to see he had already added his signature tune (Yung Roc on the beat) to beat which he had not finished. This was uncalled for based on the agreement we had earlier and he shouldn’t go about telling people that he was betrayed because there was nothing special on that the beat that I couldn’t do. My jobs out there speaks for me” Suspense said.
Although Suspense agreed that he left the beat for Yung Roc to work on alone while he goes downstairs to eat, he still believed that Yung Roc had not done enough on the beat be recognized as the producer, based on their agreement, the fact that Roc could not wait for the beat to be finished and everything was done in his studio.
He also believes that giving Roc a shout out on the song was enough for him and there was nothing unjust in his actions as well that of G-Tims the artiste. 
Yung Roc who saw it as betrayal, said it was not the first time a thing like that was happening to him and promised to do everything in his power to avoid further occurrences.
He also did not make further comments on the said agreement and only saying “Imagine such agreement! Just let it be like that”
An sms from G-Tims reads “That I called a good friend to share ideas on how to marry a good wife does not mean I can’t do it myself, and that shouldn’t give my friend the right to say that’s our wife”
If the truth is in any of these statements, this will either be a case of betrayal as Yung Roc has alleged or greed as Suspense and G-Tims have alleged.
The best thing is for both parties to find a common ground since the song has already been released and there would be no way anyone could call it back to say it was produced by Yung Roc or coproduced by both of them.