E-Sure Celebrity Awards is no longer a proposed award because the reality in the whole process has started unfolding.
Just this week voting on the various categories of the award kicked off and nominees could be seen sending messages via every available social media, asking people to vote for them.

The reality of the whole thing is that awards are good for entertainers because they boost the CV of such people whenever they find themselves outside their vicinity. Not only that, an award the only thing an entertainer calls achievement aside the money he made in his time.
Awards also encourage people to do more, thereby creating avenues for healthy competition in every sector.
As people are working towards winning awards, they are actually working and thing are getting better.
The arrival of E-Sure Celebrity Awards is a good thing that must be managed very well and even though there would be grievances in the first edition, I know that the second and other will be better.
Have you voted? Visit http://www.esurecelebawards.com/p/blog-page_16.html to cast your votes for your favourites in the various categories.

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