Mc X never left a dull moment as Deejay Saquo marked the 5th edition of Star Nite, an event that has grown from strength to strength like a joke in the city of Owerri, the capital city of Imo State.


Having tagged the event the ‘Five Star’ edition, the artistes, dancers and comedians who performed at the event did their best to live up to that name, which was something I initially doubted because the list had lots of debutants, but titling this article ‘the five star story’ is a justification that the artistes proved me wrong, going ahead to make the event the best Star Nite ever.
Looking at how the artistes faired, we have the anchor man MC X, keeping the event lively from the very beginning to the end with his grammar and swag.
DJ Tempex was the first to come on the steel wheels, ushering in 3pple E¸ who opened the stage with a freestyle in Idoma language as well as a wonderful performance on his hit single ‘Kondo’.
He would never be referred to as a perfect dancer, but his rhythmic whining which was interpreting his ‘kondo’ language gave the event a ‘Five Star’ beginning and he was a right choice to open the floor.
Naut B took over from 3pple E, stepping up the tempo with his energetic moves as he performed ‘Owa’, ‘Olololo’ and other tracks.
The tall and huge singer used Star Nite to prove a point that he has come of age in the act of stage performance as well as music in general.
I was expecting ‘oyoyo’ as the intro track for Aimzzy who was the next after Naut B, but he chose other tracks that would conform with the current trends in music.
Most importantly he gave the crowd a glimpse of his forthcoming single ‘Carton Love’ a freestyle on Mastercraft’s beats.
Aimzzy has the voice and the energy needed on the stage, which is a great cover story for a great future.  
Terminator became the first dance for the night, thrilling the crowd with his robotic and love lesson moves. When he was done, I heard someone say “I didn’t see this guy dancing much, but everything he has done can get him an award easily”
From dancer to comedian and it MC Egbeigwe’s turn to crack the ribs of the crowd. The funny looking guy, whose look was described by a lady as ‘comedy’, did not leave a quiet second while he was stage, making sure that everyone was laughing from the moment he climbed the staged to the moment he left.
A DJ swap saw Dj Sean Paul take over from DJ Tempex and it was time for the Airtel crew to come on stage for their promotions.
Swimpy rapped his way to the stage, showing everyone the stuff he is made of with a stunning performance garnished with speed and rhymes,
Icz Money who has performed on both the first and the second edition of the event alongside X-Buster [in Shomo] and LMG [in testify] respectively was next.
The singer showed the crowd why he is one of the best singers in the city, proving that unlike the general notion that his best only comes out when he is working with a rapper, he can deliver a good song alone.
Lee Roy brought another kind of liveliness back to the event. His performance alongside Icz Money who returned to the stage brought friends and colleagues on stage to dance with him and it was the first time the crowd was witnessing more than three people on stage.
In my judgment, Luciano Paragon had best performance of the night based on his organization and quality.
He and his dancers ensured that the crowd was on their toes throughout their performance.
His energy and music made a match with the total expressions from his dancers and I give it to him.
MC Moc, was supposed to be a comedian, but all we saw was a lecturer and he referred to himself as a cooperate comedian. What does that actually mean?
The first guest for the night Runtown came up on stage and as well known as he was, he never let the crowd down in every move he made.
For sure, everyone danced like it was in 1980s and one can always imagine the effect of a national hit on the Star Nite crowd.
The final DJ swap saw DJ Young Greg take over the steel wheels.
DTwins were the first artistes DJ Young Greg played for, and as much as people were expecting less from the twin brothers, their self-confidence made way for them.
They danced along the beat of their song never letting smiles go off their face.
The DTwins held the stage in their time, giving way for the only female entertainer on the list, Floxy.
It was obvious that the earlier question ‘if Floxy could kiss her brother Kozy on stage’ could have yielded a positive answer if not that Kozy was her blood brother.
Flozy was all in the mood, acting out the lines of the song she did with Kozy, ‘I gat you’ a song that brought her producer Somik on stage to dance along.
Her second performance ushered in her dancers when she performed her debut single ‘competition’, a performance that will put hers on the top three performances for the night.
The second guest artiste who happened to be the top artiste for the night, Ruffcoin Nwaba came on stage and just as it would be expected, Ruffcoin never let the Aba boys down.
He let the crowd choose tracks for him, wrapping up his high class performance with the track that made him, ‘Nwa Aba’.
The show was wrapped up by dancers Phoneix Boiz, who concluded in a ‘Five Star’ way.
No artiste so far has appeared twice on the list and the show has been growing from strength to strength.
This shows that Owerri has got artistes, dancers and comedians in their numbers.
The show which took place at Valencia Lounge Owerri brought crews from Hot 99.5 FM, Orient TV/FM, Zanders FM, as well as other media houses in Owerri and beyond.
The rain was there again, but it was held back for the show to hold a reason why everyone at the event should be grateful to God.
Below are some of the stage pictures.

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3pple E


Angel D, Redloaf, MC Bawla

Da Real Stuff, Sammy Dvais, Solid C

Dj Tempex


Dj DCT, and Phoneix Boiz

3pple E


Naut B



MC Egbeigwe


Icz Money

Lee Roy

Luciano Paragon


Dj Sean Paul


Dj Young Greg

Orient TV’s Abso


Kozy and Floxy


Floxy, Somik and Dancers


Phoneix Boiz

Phoneix Boiz