By Nwachukwu Quenneth Ujunwa
Fashion is a popular style of clothes, hair etc, at a particular time or place or even country (Oxford Dictionary)
Wardrobe wars are nothing new. Our parents may have fought similar battles with their parents when they were our age. Back then, they probably felt the same way we feel today.


Now they are on the side of parents, they have switched sides and the issue of what you wear causes one skirmish after another.
Do you wear the kind of clothe which when you say it’s comfortable, your parents say it’s sloppy? You say another is adorable and your parents say it is provocative. When you say it is half priced, your parents say it should be because half is missing.
Is there any way to declare ceasefire? Yes!
The secrete is an ‘open secret’: There doesn’t have to be an argument when there could be an agreement.
Agreement? Does that mean you have to dress like a 40 year old?
The agreement means you and your parents will discuss your differences to find a spot both of you can be happy with.
Women should adorn themselves with ‘modesty and soundness of mind’ and the word ‘modesty’ does not mean you have to wear ‘sacks’, it means your clothes should have consideration and respect for other people’s feelings.
Varieties of clothes fit these criteria and it might really be challenging to find them, yet one can be fashionable without wearing extreme styles.
When it comes to outfit/appearance, you should focus on the secrete person of the heart. The immodest outfits may momentarily turn heads, but it is one’s inner beauty that will win long-term respect from adults and peers.
Stuffing a daring outfit into your backpack and changing into it at school is not the way to go, you will gain more trust from your parents if you are open and honest with them. Even in things that you think you could get away with.
You would probably do well to seek out their opinion when you are considering an outfit.
But why would you want to ask for their opinion? Isn’t it your parent’s job to style your fashion sense? Not really! Your parent’s perspective may be different from yours, but sometimes that is what you need.
You have to appreciate your parent’s advice because you do not want to be the one people are talking about negatively because of your appearance.
Did you know?
1.    The first impression you make often depend on what you are wearing
2.    Your clothing is like a sign that tells people about you. What does your ‘sign’ say about you?
3.    When boys see girls wearing sleazy clothes, their respect for the girls decreases. On the other hand, when they (boys) see girls wearing modest yet cute clothes, they say “That’s how I want people to dress”
Action plan
1.    Name the family members or matured friends you could consult about a clothing item you would like to buy.
2.    The next time I purchase an outfit, I will consider the following (mention them)
3.    What I would like to ask my parent(s) about this (mention them)
For teenagers/youths
Think about a particular outfit that you want to wear or purchase. Then ask the following questions.
1.    Why do I like this outfit?
a.    Brand name
b.    Appeal to the opposite sex
c.    Acceptability to peers
d.    Price
e.    Others specify
2.    My parents’ initial reaction to the outfit would be
a.    No way!
b.    Maybe
c.    No problem
3.    If they object, the reason would be
a.    It’s too sloppy
b.    It’s too trendy
c.    It’s too provocative
d.    It reflects badly on us as your parents
e.    Others specify
For parents
Think about a particular outfit your child wants to wear or purchase.
1.    Why do you think your child likes the outfit
a.    Brand name
b.    Acceptability to peers
c.    Comfort
d.    Price
e.    Others specify
2.    Your initial reaction is
a.    No way
b.    Maybe
c.    No problem
Work together on this (family)
1.    What merit can I see in my parents view?
2.    What if anything can be done to make the outfit acceptable
3.    Is our objection to this outfit merely a matter of our personal taste?
a.    Yes
b.    Possibly
c.    No
4.    What if anything can be done to make the outfit acceptable

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