Although ‘my oga at the top’ buzz has come and gone and life seeming to be normal with the NSCDC boss, Mr Shem Obafewe, who recently resumed as Oyo State commandant, singer Romy is set to resurrect the buzz in his next single titled ‘my oga’, an Azonto fuse with a chorus coined from a previous Dj mix on the ‘Oga at the top’ buzz.


On why he chose to release his own track now that everyone has almost forgotten the whole thing, Romy said “It doesn’t matter when my own is coming out, I just want people out there to feel what I can do.
Music is all about what you can create at the moment and it doesn’t matter how long the subject has been with people out there, but it’s about one’s ability to create something new from the said subject”, He said.
The resurrection of the buzz will surely be seen by many as an unfair thing, after so many public pleas have been made on behalf of the NSCDC boss, for people to stop stigmatizing him and his family.
Romy denies he is adding salt to the wound, saying that he is just a musician doing music with the inspiration at hand.
“I’m not the only one that did the song and I don’t see any reason why anyone would be nailing me to the cross for singing.
It’s just an Azonto fuse people can dance to and not a medium to make mockery of anyone” he added.
The song will be dropping on Saturday May 18, 2013.

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