Singer Kozy who was reported to have impregnated a secondary school girl last week has spoken out after swallowing enough of the shame the gossip has caused him.
The Ebonyi State born singer who yesterday released a notice that his debut single ‘Shiver’ will be dropping on June 1, 2013 regretted the news, saying he was innocent.


Kozy said “I’d be glad to impregnate a girl, but that will be at the right time when  I am married. As for the news online about me impregnating a secondary school girl, all I have to say is that the story might be true, but will have to be a different Kozy.
So the Kozy on the news wasn’t me even though my picture covered the story”
He confessed that the news has changed his life, making people who never cared about him look at him twice anytime he passes the streets.
“Good news rides on a bicycle, while bad news spreads like wild fire. My parents asked me about it and I told them it wasn’t me. Some friends have called and I still told them the same thing but it is their choice to believe me.
I see these as distractions because someone somewhere probably wants me out of the game.  Maybe the story was made up, but I don’t care.
All I want now is a successful release of my debut single  ‘shiver’ on June 1” he added.
Even though he denied being involved with a secondary school girl, is still investigating the matter.
Kozy will still have to wipe the shame with something else, probably a good music come June 1, just like Tuface Idibia would do. Wiping his baby mama sins with smashing hits.
Whatever happens, we’ll keep you informed and Kozy should also pray that everyone that read the other story will read this one.

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