The fact that Rome was not built in a day gives debutant rapper Chris Mayor hope that better days are ahead for him in the music industry.
Speaking to to announce the release date of his debut single, Chris Mayor said that every artiste in Nigeria is aware of the challenges he has to face to make it to the top or to stay at the top, but the there is always a ‘once upon a time’ for everyone.


“I am aware that the likes of WizKid and other young artistes are making waves, but there was still a time when they were unknown, wishing to be known as top artistes in the country, they got their chances and used it, meaning mine will still come” he said.
He is aware that his beginning might not be at the top, but a humble beginning can still be a good beginning, saying that  there is so much to be learnt as a young artiste and as days go by, ‘the jungle will be maturing’
Chris Mayor announced Saturday, May 18, 2013 as the release date for his single titled ‘Make it rain’ and the media would be the internet via entertainment blogs and radio stations within the state and beyond

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