Friday May 31, 2013 will see the making of another history in the city of Owerri as the fourth edition of Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite hits the city.
With high expectations especially because of the artistes on the list, it is right to tell every fan of the event what to expect, how to expect it and when to expect it especially from the artistes.


A look at the list show we are going to a mixture of legends, talents, thrillers and show killers.
Below is a rundown of what to expect from every artistes coming on stage at the event.
Freestyle (guest):
He is surely the biggest on the list and even though the former Tribes Men rapper has been off the scene for a while, I still hold him to the level of a legend in Nigerian music industry especially for his role in the revolution of genre hip-hop in the country.
For you to know that Freestyle has come on stage, any of DJ Miko, Dj Johnny, Dj Sly or Dj DCT will surely be playing ‘If I hustle my money’ which is more like Freestyle’s anthem. Another track I put my bet on is ‘Everybody else’ featuring T-Pain which is rated as one of the first international collabos done by a Nigeria artiste in modern hip-hop era.
Expect energy and don’t get it twisted if you can’t hear yourself, because a lot of people will be screaming their joys out.
Formerly based in Cyprus, but now doing full-blooded naija music, DawnTawn missed out on the season 3 of the event meaning he has saved enough energy for the season 4.
I’d win all the bets if they go on him singing on Friday night because this dude does nothing on the microphone but spit out Rhythm And Poetry. He is a rapper every day.
‘Ndi Nku remix’, ‘one jeans one shoe’ and ‘boss life’ are the three tracks I put my bet on and you have to listen well because he has got speed and swag while rapping.
Nonny D (guest):
With him I see Blue Sky and nothing but a good performance. He will be high on stage because ‘Shade’ will be taking him ‘Off the ground’.
He has a great voice and the energy is not missing because it is something we have seen in Acharaman’s ‘sherikoko’ where the Enugu State based artistes was featured.
My bet will be on the tracks ‘shade’ and ‘off the ground’
Rayce (guest):
The good thing is that Google will always be there to introduce anyone to you and the things Google will tell you about him are ‘energy’, ‘Jack Sparrow’, ‘Roll’ and ‘Ibadi Disco’
This simply means he will be performing these tracks with lots of energy, and don’t be surprise when you get more thrilling experience from him because he has the naija spirit in him.
One of the producers coming into the edition. It is so clear that some producers have turned great artistes in Nigeria, and watching this guys whom I consider one of the tallest entertainers in the country would be so much fun.
Kasablanka is free to jump because the stage is high enough to contain his height and there is no ceiling fan there.
Expect anything from him except acapela.
Reflex Soundz
Another producer on the list but this time known as a bundle of talent because he can do everything an artiste could do.
He sings and raps as well with his talent has being made manifest in his producers’ mixtape ‘The Alternative’ which has great songs like, ‘Nokia Love’ ‘Man no be God’ ‘Gbawa arabanko’ and ‘Uku abiala’ in it.
He was on stage alongside Seaflo at the maiden edition of the event and everyone saw what he could do.
My bet is that he will be coming out better on Friday night and if he fails, take away the ‘Soundzin Reflex Soundz.
He is the third producer on the list and when I have not gotten close to him, I always saw him as someone with great ability meaning he is not expected to disappoint the fans.
‘Just me’ is one track I know for sure and others will surely come.
For the wrong reason, he was on entertainment pages of a newspapers for impregnating a secondary school girl, an allegation he calmly denied.
Kozy who is billed to drop his debut single a day after the event had been on Star Nite stage before alongside Still Bill and will never see it as a new thing.
He brings his own style this time when he will be performing alone on his tracks and I am very sure a lot of people would want to see what he can do.
Can he redeem himself with good music?
He will surely perform ‘Shiver’ alongside other tracks; my fingers are crossed till I watch him.
The stage will open to for him to add more fans to his storage cart.
The track ‘money’  pops up on his name and it will surely  be great to watch this handsome artiste on stage.
His name recently popped up after featuring in Femilarge’s ‘pinging style’.  D7 who is not a new name in the scene will surely show what experience means when he mounts the stage on Friday.

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Others coming on stage in clued dancers Mimi and SB dancer alongside MC F who steps in as the anchor man.
DJs for the day include DJ Miko, Dj Johnny, Dj Sly and Dj DCT.
The event kicks off by 7PM with Red Carpet and the venue still remains Valencia Lounge Owerri,Imo State.
People outside Owerri are also urged to follow live feeds of the event via the following social networking channels.
Twitter: @StarNiteNg, @Otowngist @hardynwa with the hash tag #LiveAtStarNite
Facebook; Star Nite and