Montreal based Nigerian producer, Teck-Zilla joins forces with Peggy Hogan, the Montrealer-via-British Columbia vocalist who is also behind the dark hip-hop persona, Hua Li and the neo-soul full-length album To Lie With. This magnetic pairing is pleased to release two singles, “Fire” and “9 to 5 Remix” from their forthcoming EP PGY HGN + TCK ZLL.


The 2 singles showcases the duo’s ability to cross genres in a single bound. Fire is essentially a minimalistic techno/house banger with synths,pulsating bassline and surreal hypnotic vocals while 9 to 5 Remix goes the hip-hop route with hard hitting drums, sultry singing and a powerful verse from Mister Rae, this 2 singles are sure to please the listeners either way.

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9 to 5 Remix