Owerri may boast of talented and known male artistes, but one thing the Heartland city lacks at the moment is a queen of songs.
Previously it was the likes of Cindy O, Harmony and Kokomma, but the recent silence from this trio has seriously created a huge vacuum, calling for the rise of another set who should be ready to do music the way it ought to be done.

Female artistes are usually more news worthy than their male counterparts because almost everything about them is news.
When a male artiste is always on the news, one will realize that he is either fighting or flirting with women, while the ladies can always tell a story with their dressings, make-ups, boyfriends, admirers, heartbreak, etc and all of them are still aside her musical career. 
These things keep her afloat in the industry, while her songs that are being played do the rest.
Unknown to the names to be mentioned below, the responsibility to fill this vacuum has come upon them, and until they start making efforts to fill it, they will be seeing something wrong about their musical career.
Sparkle: Known as one of the best vocalists in South-East region of the country, she has moved from being a gospel artiste to doing R&B and recently was spotted doing a collabo with one of the rappers in Owerri in a song that will surely thrill people when it is released.
Sparkle has what it takes to make it to the top only and only if nothing is holding her back.
Vivida: Member of the duo Eva, she is also another vocalist that can stand the lights of any stage and her only single ‘Love me’ is a witness to that.
Although not always in the state, the Imo State born artiste can rest her back on the throne if she sets her sight to it.
Vivada: Bringing her under Vivida might look like a clash, but these two ladies still know how to draw the line that will avoid the clash of names.
Vivada would be seen as sexy and endowed, no wonder she said that men always want a piece of her.
If she can put her advantages to positive use, I see her moving to the top, because whether we want to believe it or not, men always love to watch females on stage.
Floxy: She is not new in the world of music but currently fresh after the release of her official debut single ‘Competition’. She is presently enjoying good publicity, even when she is yet to face the lights of the stage in several occasions.
Floxy has the vocal power of a top artiste and despite her age and how long she has been in the industry presently; she still stands a great chance of making it to the top.
Ms Zoe: Presently she is a student in the state and could reign while she is still around. She could decide to stay back after her education but that is a decision she alone can take.
Zoe is a rapper and her soft voice on the microphone means she is about to create something new in rap music around here.
Consistency backed up with good promotion is all she needs to sit there, and when she does, do not call it luck, she must have paid her dues in full.
Angel D: Another rapper on the list although she might seem unknown to most people in the state, she is one artiste that is willing to give everything on stage. She can go gaga just to see that she does I well.
She is aware of the ladders she must climb, and also knows that only a good song can take here there.

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