When I read it, I said ‘let me try mine’ without even knowing what to accomplish. Do I have a goal in mind? No! on the contrary, it just to follow the instructions of those ideas popping out of my head, wandering from place to place; from my head, to heart, to hand, to pen and manifested on paper.


The question becomes, can one truly write all the ideas coming to his/her mind? Maybe its possible but I doubt, because I can’t even concentrate on a thought I’m thinking before it jumps into another idiomatic foolishness of thought. I remember my boss telling me to never dot ‘I’, a capital i, because its I, and it represents my personality. I guess I learnt that. It’s quite a relief to tell the truth when writing with a heavy heart, then why do I feel I’m writing only what comes to my head and not what my heart is feeling, writing has its horrible feeling, maybe that’s what I’m feeling.
How can I start a jambori because I read another foolish idea another writer wrote. Guess, I don’t have a choice. gush! I dotted the i again, not this I before the again, nor the I before the dotted, rather the I after guess. I think I’m loving free writing, even though its no human but an ideology, not even an ideology, but a style in beginning to write. You may want to try it, its fun. Let me show you how it works.
I guess I’m giving purpose to my free writing, it wasn’t supposed to make sense at all, and yet why am I having a picture of you that is reading this piece. Look at the mirror. You have a big head, maybe big is an overstatement then I guess small will describe your head- is their any thing like a medium head. I’m so dead, listening to my thoughts about you. Please don’t close your round eyes as you read, well every eye is round, maybe their are beings with spherical one. You know the world had civilized from the earth is flat, to it is round, to it is spherical. Well they are all true as long as you are still fooling around with me. You just signed. Trust me I know. Did I mention that I’m tired of trying to describe your big nose and rounded lips, I don’t even want to know if your ears are floppy because I dotted the I before don’t again. When would I learn this. I feel like smiling, yet I know my mind is hiding something and its playing tricks on  me.
Did a girl cause me to free write? Wow! A little relief, maybe her absence motivated me-or the book about free writing brought by her. I hate libraries, I feel happy been there, please don’t mind the I, because this writing is taking place in a local standard library. Please don’t sigh, this is the best part, the part I remembered I was supposed to be teaching you how to write a “free writing”. The technique where you just first have to write every thing that comes to your mind, every foolish and wandering thought. This time, you don’t have to worry about the correct spellings and accurate punctuations as well as tenses. Don’t be tensed, relax and through your tense on the paper in form of a meaningless sentence. Someone smiled I know. It’s a trick, but it’s real. I just saw that the ‘through’ between ‘and’ and ‘your’ should be ‘throw’, that’s the part that makes free writing good.. you just have to let yourself see how foolish you can be. fun right?
But writing this, I learnt something new, I added a new style to my writing. I also found out that writing every thing coming to your mind can free your mind, its just feels like pouring your anger on a book and term it free, especially feeling miserable for not having an idea of what to write when you want to write. Free writing it’s a head start; because chaos comes first before order; the world was void and empty before God arranged it and brought it to order. How does this concern what I am writing. More thoughts are shouting and trying to shoot the one echoing up- that’s free writing, but beware, it doesn’t have a purpose, tenses are wrong, mistakes are solid, every thing should be chaos till you find something spectacular, a sentence or a word maybe that would direct you or give you an opinion of what to write. Just circle it. (to all writer and non writers, try free writing). I just showed you an example. Even though you now understood why I titled it thus even though you may not try to write your own, even though you may have gotten tired of the even though’, just try yours, because on the verge of trying mine, I came up with this piece which you are reading. Well guess I have to stop thinking for you, so you would have time to think for yourself. When ever you feel frustrated, try writing and if you wish to bring order into it, that’s how an article is born. Don’t fail to comment on the foolishness of my thoughts, cause yours could be worse!
Hillary Uzomba, Mercydivine4you@ymail.com

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