With a brand new heart and mind, rapper Romy turns to a new chapter of his musical career with this brand new style of Hip-hop.
Romy who has been doing music for fun decided to turn his fun to business in this track where he featured Cee2Cee another fast rising artiste from the east of the Niger.

Call it ‘Funny business’, ‘only one’ is surely a balanced delicacy in case you love lyrics, beats, melody, good rap etc in a song. And Romy believes that it is a worthy welcome song for him as he steps fully into the music industry.
Romy who has previously released the tracks ‘Mind your manners’ and ‘Damn’ dropped ‘Only one’ which was his third single on March, 2 2013.
For the next thing, he hopes to keep doing music without going down on his standard.
“I’m going on NYSC, which will make me take a little break to settle down there, but that break won’t be lasting long because music is on my mind now and I want to do it the way it is supposed to be done”

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Download ‘Only one’ by Romy ft Cee2Cee