Often times artistes come together to drop a master piece and in a case like this, three tracks have been done to the best of my knowledge.
I most cases rappers take the lead in making these tracks, where they come together in their numbers to drop a chain rap song that will mostly exceed 7 minutes.
In 2012, producer Young Roc and singer General Sleezy owners of MoRhymes City Records and WBI Music respectively, alongside other artistes came together to make ‘Nwafor (Street Credibility)’, a 6.25 minutes track which was produced by Young Roc himself, featuring Still Bill, Arty Ready, Young Roc, M-Cot, General Sleezy ,LMG ,Kenny C, Harmony, Nani Bars, Snuffbox, Menyor, Xcello Maxmello ,Icemoney and AcharaMan.


‘Nwafor’ was like the beginning of a new order in Imo State hip-hop genre, a song which sounded like a wakeup call to so many rappers who have already given up on the city of Owerri as their base in the music business.
On December 10, 2012, rapper cum producer LMG who also featured in ‘Nwafor’ released yet another phenomenal track that made Sound City audio review titled Ability. The track which was produced by LMG featured 15 other rap artistes and was part of his ‘Disinfectant’ Mixtape Album which was released online last year.
Ability which beat ‘Nwafor’ in time had 8.38 minutes and more artistes with LMG, Tukor Bonz, Dawn Tawn, X-Busta, Arty Ready, Luther, Kenny Cee, Still Bill, Dj Swag a.k.a J-Masta, Acharaman, CP, 2Blac, Lo’key, Young Roc and Law Renzo.
The last and most recent is ‘We Hot’, track by Regiz featuring Emcee Bawla, Masster E, El Chiby, Da Brain, Acharaman, X Busta, X99.
‘We Hot’ so far has the least number of artistes with a time of 6:28 minutes few seconds larger than ‘Nwafor’.
The three tracks have three things in common: The producer is usually the owner of the song; they have more of rap artistes except Ability which has no singer, while ‘We Hot’ and ‘Nwafor’ have singers.
The third thing they have in common is that Acharaman featured in all of them and I would rather not be the judge on the track that would be considered as the best amongst the three.
In case you want to know.

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