Last time she made a public statement,  it was done via a photo shot she posted online to announce her return to the music industry, since then, comments have been accumulating for sexy singer Floxy, who has refused to say anything about the responses on her pictures.


“I just decided to keep quite because as an artiste I’m not supposed to be talking about pictures, that is a thing for those into modeling and I am not one of them.
As a musician I want people to judge me by my music, and nothing more than that”
Floxy posted a picture where she just covered with a towel and it has drawn a lot of comments.
Some people said she is just another girl trying to play dirty publicity game while others said she was just trying to seduce people, but she said those things never came to her mind when she was taken those pictures.
“For publicity the person can be close to it because every entertainer needs it especially at this level when you want to shoot yourself to the top. But for seduction, I just wonder how many ladies that will have to seduce the bulk of men we have out there. People always want to look at a simple thing and make it complex, and that is the case with my pictures. If they want to get busy, let them be positive.
I was well covered, call it a towel or anything but no sensitive part of my body was exposed, which means I’m better than some people who post pictures with normal cloths that still reveal parts of their bodies that will seduce people.
When people look at your picture and see nothing, they just tease you until you are moved to show them something and when you finally do, they still tease you for more. For the records they should know that I have principles” she added.
Floxy who has been working on her single titled ‘Competition’ billed to drop on Saturday March 23, 2013, said the desire to make it to the top was the reason for her silence.
The Ebonyi State born artiste further said that ‘Competition’ is a dance track and will sure bring out the completion needed between ladies and gentlemen on the dance floor.

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