Edris and Femilarge

The jagajaga master, Edris Abdukarim is at it again, doing what he knows best which is getting involved in controversial conversation with others.
He started with former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, down to 50 cents and others. Now he is trading his controversy in Owerri the capital city of Imo State, the Eastern Heartland.
December 26, 2012 will probably be one of the day singer Femilarge will term the day he received his greatest embarrassment which has to come from the whole seller himself, Edris Abdukarim.

Femilarge recounts that he had gone to Valencia Lounge inn Owerri with friends to drink when Edris walked in with the owner of the place Mr Paul. On seeing Femilarge, Mr Paul felt he could forge a bond between the duo of Edris and Femilarge, but his intentions were never achieved when Edris stole the show to sell his products to his counterpart on the microphone.
“Edris started showing strange behaviours the moment I got there, and what I thought was going to be a meeting or even a mere introduction turned out to be a quiz for me. He was asking me meaningless question which were more of insults to me.
He asked me if I came with my song, and I told him there was no need for that since the DJ in the lounge already has it. He was angry and started shouting, asking me who I am that the DJ will have my song.
I got so disappointed in his personality, when he said that even Ruff Coin, Kelly Hansome and Slow Dogg’s songs can’t be seen in the DJ’s collection, that I was just bragging in vain” Femilarge said while reporting the incident to
According to Femilarge, the incident infuriated him and he told Edris not to insult the trio of Ruff Coin, Kelly Hansome and Slow Dogg, but the jagajaga master would never stop and went ahead to tell Femilarge that he does not even have a car or anything to boast of.
“He told me that I’m wasting my time in music, that I should better go to Alaba international market and start a business.
It’s a pity that someone like Edris will go about insulting people at his age. When he should be thinking of getting his life in music back.
I had to leave the lounge because even when the people around him told him to stop, he said he doesn’t care about what will happen.
It wasn’t just about the insult on me, but he insulted artistes in the east, saying we have not gone any where” Femilarge added.

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