Ladies and gentle men, you what time it is? It’s my main man’s birthday, O’town Gist, Mr Hardy, He was born today, hu! He was born today. Happy birthday bro. check it out hu!
Celebration, Jubilation, motivation on the dance florr with Ovation.
Ok, go ahead do what you want,
When your friends dey here, make them drink what they want,
H-A-P-P-Y Birth-D-A-Y, do they wanna know me, H-A-R-D-Y bro,
God bless the day when you were born,

God bless your dad, God bless your mum,
Chief Hardy Ojembaenweilo, ndi nmadu n’ekele gi ma gi futa n’ilo

Take a second look and you will see, there is no one like me, there is no one like me, like me.
(dadadada) you better really consider, cos you will never do better, there is no one like me, there is no one like me, like me.
Papapaa pa paa, parapa pa paa, there is no one like me, there is no one like me, like me.

(shout out to my big bro)
Popping up! Na my birthday
We’re flexing, testing omo na my Friday,
We’re showing love to Hardy man, you know that Kind thing,
My happiness is so fly you know what I mean,
I’m breathing, smoking up, just hold on,
I’m romancing life, this no porn,
We get rice, chicken, fish and corn,
After here we go flex for London


Feel the celebration in your heart, raise your glasses,
Cos the blessings we receiving goes deep like lashes.
Blow the ashes, Happy birthday, colourful candles.
Light bangles oluwa na him power this our mantle.
 Celebrate with family and friends, happily and send the good will to your peers, cheers!!
Happy birthday to them rich and poor, smile for this day we’re living for,
Hardy is the man open dance galore!!

De Dukes
More money, more stacks in the building yo,  More paper, more egusi in the engine yo
i’m whining, I’m grinding, big contract I’m signing, the flow is so divining,
me Swing still gat the ring of a king, chill feel the ill that further makes the ladies go punk a**
look at me well, there will never be another

(Hardy going in)
This life is just like poetry, line by line and we’ll be flexing,
when we’re reading it down we’re living, only God up there has the reason.
It’s my birthday and I dey here, Who go take the glory when I dey plus one,
No de tell me story say this young, I’m old now glory to my God on high.


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