After dropping ‘Nonsense’, rapper Lo-Key went ahead to release another hit on a genre that would be considered as funny hip-hop, making people like me wonder if this is the only genre he can do.
Lo-Key’s mixtape ‘wow’ made a move but not like ‘Nonsense’, an original track produced by Aizabag, which gave him the name and fame he is savouring at the moment.


‘Na wa oh’ was released December last year and just like ‘Nonsense’, it has found its way into the hearts of lovers of the so called ‘funny hip-hop’ genre.
And just like other artistes who have been likened with a particular genre, Lo-Key is making it clear that he is not going to be another Julius Agwu and is not trying to be one.
“I have other songs but chose to release the funny ones for the sake of the word “entertainment” and the motive is basically to “entertain” the audience”
He also added that his motivation is not induced by any substance, but by happiness, just like people would be concluding that no reasonable human being can sing ‘Nonsense’ under the influence natural happiness.
“I get motivated by almost everything around me but if u’r asking what motivated me to do those funny songs, I’ll say Happiness.
 I’ll also want people to understand that I am not a comedy rapper just as few see me lately because of “nonsense” and “na wa o”.  The fact that I decided to do something crazy, does not mean that I cannot do conscious music.
I do party songs too, as a matter of fact I’ve been working on some crazy club bangers lately.
Hip-hop is a movement, as we grow it grows” he added.
Although he has made his point, every fan is still entitled to his own opinion, and club banger or funny songs all we want from our artistes is just good music.

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