Prince White

I have moved round the country, gone to so many places, see how things are done and what hardship and poverty does to people. So I was meant to understand that 2 things are involved in this life, especially when it comes to making success….
1.    It is either na God hold the money, or they do you juju for village;
If they do you juju for village, you are ok, because you can pray that one out, but if na God hold the money 2 things are involved.


2.    It’s either he will give it to you, or time never reach for Him to give you…
If time never reach for him to give you, you’re ok, but if he will give it to you 2 things are involved
3.    It’s either you use it to pay tithe and give offering in the church or you use it to flex….if you use it to pay tithe and give offering you are ok, but if you flex with it there are 2 thing involved.
4.    It’s either you use it to drink or you use it to carry woman ….if you use it to drink, you’re Ok, but is use it to carry woman,! 2 things are involved ooh!
5.    It either you carry a responsible girl or you carry a prostitute (ashawo)…if you carry responsible gal you’re Ok, but if you carry prostitute (ashawo)…2 things are involved.
6.    It’s either she useless you and finish the money or she gets pregnant for you….if she finishes the money you’re Ok, but if you get her pregnant, thethings are involved.
7.    It’s either she gives birth to a child that is deaf and dumb or she gives birth to children that are like Aki and pawpaw….if she gives birth to deaf and dumb you’re Ok, but if she gives birth to specie of Aki and Pawpaw 2 things are involved
8.    Its either you kill them all they kill you…if you kill them your are Ok, but if they kill you eh!…one things is involved…you will die……so use your head well

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Teacher: Who can tell me why our country’s economy is crippling down?
Akpos: Sir I know it
Teacher: Ok, (looking anxious to know) why, why?
Akpos: because for Olympics na cripple carry gold medal for our country

Teacher: (walks into the class looking very angry) who are those making such noise in this class, if you know you are stupid stand up now let me see (students sit down looking scared, teacher repeats himself) I say if you know that you are very stupid stand up again let me see you (No student stands up, few minutes later a child stands)
Student: Sir (he stands)
Teacher: Yes! Why are you standing, so you are the stupid one eh!
Student: No sir! It’s that I didn’t want you to be the only stupid one standing, that’s why I decided to stand up with you…



Prince White @white_funytwits