Ehime Mbano born artiste and producer, Onwudiwe Regis aka LMG has recently distinguished himself in the world of music when it comes down to Imo State and Eastern Nigeria.


By releasing and producing tracks which have seen success among listeners around the country, he has set his sight on bigger stage by working hard to achieve his quote “I am a citizen of the world by profession”

In this interview with CHINEDU HARDY NWADIKE of, LMG talks about his beginning, aspirations, and controversies so far in the industry


The name LMG


LMG simply means the Last Man Grinding, which depicts the spirit I have come into the industry with. One would wonder why I didn’t choose the last man standing, I didn’t because I’m not just standing and looking in the industry. I’m grinding which means that I am working every day. With LMG, it’s work all the way, never a dull moment.

The beginning

Music is a way of life for me and I started back in Secondary School days, when we freestyle in the class with beats made from hitting on our desks. It was so much fun then and the fun from that inspired me to do more for myself in the music world.

After Secondary School, we formed East Entertainment, where I was with Illthotz, Punchline, Boxy, Stature and Sofly.


From East Entertainment, I saw myself moving higher till this momemt.

Music Production

I started producing because my love for music was increasing every day. I was inspired by hip-hop veterans like Dr Dre, Timberland, Dark Child who sing and produce as well.

The fact that one has to pay a huge amount of money to produce a good song motivated me as well because I wanted to produce my own songs. Make them sound the way I’ve always wanted music to sound.

I also believed that I could help change the trend in Nigerian hip-hop if I go into production and that’s what I am doing now.

Rating yourself

I wouldn’t claim that I am the happiest person on earth today, but I am one of them because my record in the last three years shows that I have gone a great distance.

How long till you get there?

LMG is a superstar and will keep grinding till I die. I am there, all I have to do is to keep improving my game. Even the people refered to as the best still want to improve, which is what the ‘G’ in my name represents. I’ll keep grinding till the end of my time.

Current project

I’m working a mixtape album which I tagged ‘Disinfectant the mixtape’ and it will be dropping online for free download on 10th of December.

Why Disinfectant?

I have come to realize that there is so much to be corrected in the hip-hop world and the only way to do this is still through music. Only hip-hop can heal hip-hop and that is what I am trying to do.

Artistes are currently becoming monotonous in style, which is not the way it is supposed to be. Hip-hop is a meaningless gospel without good lyrics, beat and melody.

I want to bring in a new trend in the industry, which will surely go a long way in disinfecting the industry.

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The singles

So far I have dropped three singles from the album and among the three, fans all over the country have chosen ‘Mbo’ to the phenomenal track among the three.

Mbo [Struggle], talks about the day to day life of everyone, be you a teacher, lecturer, doctor, trader, mechanic or artiste. Everyone has a place in the track, which in no doubt has pushed the song.

The last single titled ‘Ability’ will be dropping today, Friday 7 December, 2012, and the song is a record breaker where I featured more than ten rappers.

I want to use it to keep the disinfectant atmosphere warm till 10th.

Life style

Even though hip-hop artistes will be considered as reckless and not being responsible sometimes. I still believe that I am unique in my own way.

The tempo of the environment I find myself determines how I carry myself. So under ideal conditions, LMG is neither cold nor hot.

Row with X-busta

This is one of the rumored controversies around me which people have made up to take me down.

X-busta is a cool dude and I don’t have anything against him and I believe he has nothing against me as well.

We are both rappers unique in our ways which means we can coexist anytime anyday in the industry.

Some people started the comparism and another group if not the same people made it look like there is something happening between I and X-busta, but I have to tell you clearly that there is nothing happening that I’m aware of.

Fight with Police men

That was actually a little argument between my friend at Police officers at Methodist Bu stop. MCC/Uratta road and I happened to be in the vehicle. Maybe someone recognized me and started spreading the news. There is no way I will fight with the police and still walk without visiting their office or facing charges for doing so.

But it’s not a problem for me because Tuface said it in his song that if no one talks about you, then you are no body.

Best moments in music

No moment will be considered as my best, rather plenty of them will fit into that category. Anytime I find myself doing music, I called it my best and the list will keep increasing because no one wishes for bad day.

If you are to sign an artiste in Owerri

I would rather not mention a name to avoid the rumour that will come after the interview.

Female artistes in Owerri

They are not plenty here, I know Harmony, CyndyO, Kokomma who are doing well to come up in the industry, but if I’m to cast one vote, I will give to Harmony aside PorshKayiana who has been there before them.

LMG and God

If not for God, I won’t be speaking with you now, everything I do is because he has enabled me from the beginning till this moment.

I have done a gospel track which I recorded with Yucejay.

Even though gospel is not my genre, I am always grateful to God for everything and will always acknowledge anytime I go in front of the microphone.


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