Versatility is one of the biggest prove of talent and only those born to be in such fields can easily flow in this frequency of being here and there and still being good at both.


You might never have heard the song sugarcane, but only J’lar knows what she was thinking when she wrote the lyrics of that song. A song with lyrics that could mean so many things, something that made me scream ‘what a strategy!” or is it just her talent that is speaking.

When she was contacted to explain some parts of her lyrics, J’lar said “Sugarcane was one of the best things I loved as kid, and to me sugarcane is still sugarcane and nothing has replaced it.”

“I want some sugarcane, give me the sugarcane, I like the sugarcane” is a chorus that has already been written, but J’lar would be forgetting that rat poison could still be man killer. She forgot that her club banger could soon mean something else, especially when a woman asks a man for his sugarcane in a place where it is obvious that no one is selling the sweet stick.

J’lar was quick to bail herself from this by saying “I want some sugarcane, simply means I want some sugarcane. Sugarcane is still the same sweet thing everybody likes. All I can say is that anyone using sugarcane to depict something else should bear the responsibility”

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Despite sugarcane being her first officially single, she refused to accept that she has a lot of catch-up to do, believing that she is not entering the entertainment industry from the outside, but has just expanded her horizon in the industry.

“There is no catching-up to be done because I am not new in the industry. I’m a model turned singer and not just an ordinary musician.

I am an ex beauty queen having won Miss Global Nigeria and Miss Glo Rock n Rule Anambra both in 2011. I have gone places and seen things, not forgetting the knowledge that goes with it.

When you talk modeling, you talk attitude, courage, charisma, and composure. These are the foundation I already have and walking into the music industry with these qualities, means I should never be considered as being new.”

Sugarcane currently is enjoying good airplay around the country and J’lar has set her sight on bigger things.


Who knows what she will be dropping next, I guess my favourite fruits are watermelon and orange.





J’lar With the organizers of Miss Global International Jamaica

J’lar with the Minster of Tourism l Jamaica, aafter her speech at the event