It is always painful when someone gets to limelight before you with something you have always wanted to do. No one tries to think if you had been around before the star that is doing things your way, all they want to call you is ‘copycat’ even when you seem to be better than the already made person.


This is the case of G-Tims who has been heavily accused of copying WizKid in his latest single ‘Na you I like’.

After listening to the song, I wanted to add extra accusing finger to the plenty that which are already pointing at him, but the Imo State born artiste denied the claim by people that he was copying Wizkid.

“No way! I can’t be copying him (Wizkid), it’s just that he got there before me, but what I use in singing is my real voice and there is no studio effect to it. I distinguished myself by singing with a pitch higher than that of Wizkid and I don’t think there are more things for me to do to convince people that I am original”

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According to G-Tims, what people are saying is not bothering him, because all he is focusing on is being original and bringing out nothing but good music.


“Na you I like is probably a good track, that’s why people are trying to talk it down. I know my credibility speaks for me and I’m too busy to be seen blowing my trumpet when people I’ve worked with made copies of the trumpet and have been blowing them for me” He added.

G-Tims is focusing on seeing that ‘Na you I like’ which was produced by LMG spreads to every nook and crannies where hip-hop music is played.

Do you agree with this dude? Just one click to get ‘Na you I like’ below.