The different shades of reaction so far recorded in analysing the significance of the bull-sculptured at the Fire Service roundabout Owerri, Imo State have reached a crescendo that it has become necessary that explanations to the significance of the Bull must be provided.
It is in a bid to offer the explanations that we went town.
Some of the youths spoken to disclosed that the bull is indeed strategic and really depicts the fighting spirit and resilience of the Ibo man and especially that of the Imolites who were declared the centre of the Igboland by the late Eze Igbo gburugburu Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu.
They concluded that there is no better  way to capture that angle of the Imolite than the symbol of a bull. They cited ABC transport that has the animal cheetah as its logo to capture the pace of the popular transport company.
Among the educated elites, who have travelled far and wide, they expressed joy over the art work which according to them ranks among the works of art that are found in different parts of Europe and Asia.
They also hinted that such a work of art is a tourist point that foreign visitors will admire, take their memorable snapshorts. And for Imo State, such a tourist point could be a money spinner for the state in the near future. It will also prove that Imo is coming up to internal standard in terms of arts. Now, being that as it may, the truth must be said that such a work of art has never been the custodian of the works of any person, town, state or nation. The real devil or evil spirit that destroys any individual or community is the one being harboured and nurtured inside of a person. The bible has made it clear that what destroys a man is what is inside him/her and not what he is taking into his/her body. The instances where God depicted the bull as an animal that proves strength and resilience abounds. Even in life the belief system of anyone or community has implications of his standing in life.
Another truth of the matter is that the mayor of Owerri zone is doing a good job and it appears that someone somewhere is working relentlessly to different and rubbish the qualitative projects being handled by the mayor and by extension discrediting the administration of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It will also be revealed that some members of the opposition of this state have embarked upon their business of blackmail saying that the work of art at Wetheral roundabout by Okigwe road is an illuniati sign that portends a bad omen for the state. Again, the truth of that matter is it that work of art depicts the three zones that make up Imo State. It should also be noted that another place you find a sculptured bull is the headquarters of GLO telecommunications in Lagos. He placed a sculpture bull at the headquarters of the company to show that his company which is an indigenous one could compete with the foreign telecommunication giants like MTN. and he has been able to withstand the stiff competition coming from all directions of the industry, yet still standing strong.
Isn’t that the same path being walked by the Ibo man in Nigeria? Then what is wrong with a people telling their own story through the works of art they keep?
However, reasonable number of public analysis have counselled that Gov. Rochas Okorocha should not be pressurized into believing the foolish minority or opposition who should only have their say while the majority normally should have their way.
And for the few Imo tabloids and so called men of God being used to deceive Imolites on the issue of the bull, they have been called upon to desist in order not to incure their wrath of God for their lies.

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The controversial bull