Nigerians can be the funniest set of people in the world on the side of the kind of news they choose to spread. The funniest of them all come among the Blackberry users who broadcasts anything they see without verification.


Some messages will start with “I got this from a friend…” who is that friend? Who even started it? They don’t know, yet they choose to broadcast the message, some believe it is just a way to get value for their money, while another group believe that if broadcasting is a feature in Blackberry, then it is worth doing.


Few weeks ago, it was the case of the Aluu 4 and thousands of Blackberry broadcasts were sent across the country. That was one of the times I saw Nigerians fighting for one course without bias. There was even a broadcast that Boko Haram had condemned the killing of the students in Aluu community of Rivers State.


Apart from Akpos who has been consistent in his troubles, these events come and go.

I got my Blackberry for Social Media Marketing, and recently I have developed methods of marketing my products with Blackberry. I see others trying to match my strategies and every new day, I try to improve on what I do, ensure that no one catches up with me.

Today I have been humbled by the effort of a young Nollywood actress whom I am a big fan of, she released a song and spread it around the country with a Social Media Marketing strategy that I have never seen before.

Tonto Dike will be considered as an upcoming artiste in the music industry, but I have never seen a new song that has been played like hers on the first day of release in the history of music in Nigeria.

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Wiz Kid released a new single yesterday and I haven’t seen anyone asking for the link to the song, but more than twenty people have asked me for the link to Tonto’s song which I gladly shared with them.


The song was so hot that Hot 99.5 FM Owerri had to play it on a sports programme yet majority of music lovers in the country say it is a ‘wack’ song. Other radio stations are playing it and this babe did not pay a single promo fee. This justifies the saying that “in showbiz, the uglier the better”

Tonto Dikeh was trending on Twitter yesterday and I can remember calling her name more than 50 times with laughter preceding each. I laughed because she did not pay me for the promo I was doing for her and the fact remains that I could not stop calling her name.

Fans all of the country and beyond took to twitter to criticize the controversial actress turned singer, while others encouraged her of which I am one of them.

There were lots of Blackberry display pictures designed to mock the song but the question, what if Tonto Dikeh designed those pictures? What if she paid someone to push those images to the Blackberry community to remain as controversial as she has been?

This is the lesson for every Social Media Marketer, Tonto Dikeh has invented something new and I call it ‘Controversial Social Media Marketing’. By the time others will try to copy this strategy, she must have achieved her aims.

Below are some of the images used to mock the fast spreading single.