Going by the way things are turning for the O’town hit makers, we might be seeing their end as a duo in music. Following their break up with their producer Reflex Soundz few months ago, Big Chance and Cyphatyte have failed to release any single since then and by the way things are going, the group might fail to live up to the quality they were known for when they were together with Reflex in PMJM Entertainment. (People Making Jolly Music).


Cyphatyte has denied that the reason for the failure to release a song recently is Reflex’s exit. “People will say what they can, but Reflex is not the reason. BigChance and I are now based in different cities, which actually hindered our coming together to work. People can go on and say that we missed Reflex, but the truth still remains that distance is the only challenge we face now”

Cyphatyte who also said that he would be releasing something new very soon, also claimed that the perception that Big Chance and Cyphatyte is a group is very wrong. “We are not a group, we are just two friends working on a collabo album. Groups have a name, but we chose to retain our names because we knew that a day will come when we would want to do things individually. Right now, I’m working on something I can’t really disclose until it’s out.”

The light skinned artiste who recently engaged his girlfriend reflected on the beginning and ending of PMJM entertainment.


“When Reflex pulled out of PMJM Entertainment, the dream and vision of the project crumbled because we were three friend living in the same house with a studio and the foundation of everything we always wanted to achieve with PMJM was forged there.

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Individual dreams overshadowed the PMJM dream and one person left. Now i’ve come to realize that PMJM was limiting my dreams. It is better for me to go to the deep ends of the ocean and swim with my fellow sharks. We have achieved everything we can achieve together, I guess it’s time to move on”

There has been no comment from BigChance who is currently running and online entertainment blog www.ukwubenda.com at the moment, and we will bring that to you as soon as we reach him.

Cyphatyte was elated by the news that Reflex has released the first single of his producer mixtape and all he could say was “I am happy for him”

The breakup of Big Chance and Cyphatyte with Reflex was not welcomed in Owerri by music lovers and I wonder how people will feel when they hear that the duo might never sing again as a group.


The whole things takes me to the breakup of old Plantation Boys.

“Them be two later become three, the three been dey run things in peace and harmony, then suddenly the three been disagree, one go solo, the other two follow. Oh no no no no, the world dey vex right now say the three de do their things individually, but remember someday them go leave each other, b’cos truly none of them be brothers” Faze (from the song Faze Alone)

Cyphatyte and Reflex

Cyphatyte engaging his girlfriend

dancing time at the birthday party