By Hillary Uzomba


Amidst the growing and outburst population and number of Nigerian universities, the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, once again was declared a federal university by a radio and TV broadcast across the nation and which when implemented would increase the number of Nigerian Universities to 118, both state and federal.


The news which came on the early hours of Wednesday October 17, 2012, saw staff of Alvana Model Secondary celebrating when it was confirmed by the Vice Principal, Mrs Gladys Okereke.

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Irrespective of the broadcast, some students and staff of the institution still exercise their doubts as to its implementation because it is not the first time the news was being heard in the country.

If implemented, the affiliate programme of the school with University of Nigeria Nsuka will be haulted as the school will be awarding her own degrees.

Students and staffers wait to see the full implementation of the law which will greatly benefit both parties