Ngoka Henry Chhukwugozie aka ILL THOTZ used to be one the hardcore rappers from Owerri until recently he decided to go soft and commercial in his music. As a young Lyricist, he always does what he can to retain the meaning of rap (Rhythm and Poetry), by picking words that tango as rhymes and still thrill like poetry.


As Nigerians redefines hip-hop to more of dance, he was not left out in this breeze of rebranding and he has gone back to the studio to do something that meets the current definition of hip-hop music.



In this interview, with Chinedu Hardy Nwadike, ILL THOTZ explains the reason for this change, as well as what he will be doing as music henceforth.


Where have you been?

Change in the kind of music that I do became necessary, because the general public who listens to the music want something and anyone who wishes to remain relevant in the music industry will surely conform to the desires of his fans and the bulk of music lovers in the country and beyond. So I have been doing some underground work on my music and now that everything is complete, I’m stepping out.

What did you bring out?


The first thing I have out there surprisingly is a love song, I called it ‘Kolo Love’ and I featured my pal Stature.

‘Kolo’ means madness

Yes, it’s madness. This song is about someone madly in love. It happens when your love for someone is driving you crazy and there is nothing you can do about it.

Inspiration for ‘Kolo Love’

Beautiful girls who are everywhere in this county. I wanted something that could suit the kind of beautiful girls we have in this country. Looking at them and thinking of them got the lyrics for me.

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From hardcore rap to love song

It was a necessary change like I said earlier. Only a small fraction of the population of music lovers listen to hardcore rap and I needed to survive in this country so I have to change. Hardcore rap does not sell well in Nigeria.

Hardcore rap role models

Good and successful artistes like Nas, Karewon, Rakeem and others abroad, while in Nigeria I have Mod9, 6foot Plus, Ill Bliss and others. And right now I’m pursuing the likes of Ruff Coin Nwa Aba and other rappers who slowed down their tempo to meet the demands of the public.

Can you catch up?

Yes, I believe so, even though I have not been around the scene in town, all I need I to do is pull some strings and the name ILL THOTZ will be trending like it is supposed to be.

One step is to give ‘Kolo love’ good promotion and everything is settled.

Other businesses

I’m a corps member at Osun State, a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering fron Imo State University, Owerri.

Would you take a job in place of music?

Yes and no. I will take a good job if it comes but not in place of music. I have what it takes to combine both, so I’m ready for that because I can do all things with God who strengthens me. No matter who I will become outside music, music will always stay with me.


I like good things and I place a good value on life. I go for the best anytime I choose. Be it clothing, women, cars, food and whatever I see having options to choose.