The corpse of a 40 year old house wife was  Monday found in a hotel room at Mgbidi in Oru-West Local Government Area of Imo State.
She was suspected to have died Sunday evening after rounds of marathon sex with her lover who took her to that hotel (name withheld).
She was said to have been contacted on phone that fateful Sunday afternoon by the said lover who reportedly abandoned her lifeless body at the hotel room and bolted away.
The woman, Mrs. Theresa (surname withheld) a mother of four was married to one Mr. John (surname withheld) from Enugu State but lived with him at Okwuorji village, Awo-Omamma in Oru East LGA before her despicable death that fateful day.
A source who pleaded anonymity told Nigeria Newspoint that the woman had that Sunday morning told her husband that she was going to the market to buy some food items but to the chagrin of everybody, she failed to return even at night.
The following Monday morning, the husband was contacted on phone and informed of his wife’s death in a hotel room at Mgbidi some kilometers away from their residence at Awo-Omamma.
The late woman was said to have gone to Afor Isieke market, Awo-Omamma where she bought few items but left them in the custody of another woman. She told the woman to keep the items for her as she would soon come back to collect them but did not tell her (the woman keeping the items) where she was going to.
The late Mrs. Theresa was said to have boarded an Okada to Mgbidi to meet her lover.
The yet to be identified randy lover was said to have taken her to the hotel where they were inter locked in bouts of sexual intercourse when the woman gave up the ghost.
It was the following day (Monday) when on routine clean up exercise of the hotel rooms that the woman’s corpse was discovered. The lover was no where to be found.
The hotel management immediately alerted the police at Mgbidi police station.
The police then contacted many numbers on the woman’s phone and one of them was her husband who immediately rushed to the hotel only to see the lifeless body of his wife lying stark naked on the bed.
Before he was contacted on phone, the husband was said to have fruitlessly searched for his wife’s where about when she failed to return from the market as she told him.
The search even took him to many places including the maiden home of the woman at Ubogwu, Awo-Omamma.
Sources close to the woman told our reporter that the woman’s lifeless body was intact as no part of it was missing.
Police sources who did not want their names in print told our reporter that they (the police) are intensifying their investigations and are also closing in on the run away lover.
Her remains was deposited at the New Haven Mortuary Mgbidi pending the conclusion of police investigations.
Many people who spoke to Nigeria Newspoint described the woman as a disgrace to womanhood and her two families,  matrimonial and maiden.
Investigations by Nigeria Newspoint revealed that the woman had been divorced on two different occasions by two different husbands because of her promiscuity and uncontrolled libido before she married her present husband.
When our reporter visited the maiden home of the woman at Ubogwu, Awo-Omamma, many sympathizers and friends were seen condoling the family while her close relations were wearing long faces and none of them was willing to speak to our reporter on the issue.

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