These artistes thrilled at the event probably because their songs were already popular or they had easy lyrics, else, I’ll give it to their attitude on stage. Other artistes did their bits to thrill at the show but these ten in my opinion gave the most exciting moments and the sequence of presentation in this list does not signify their position in the ranking, but all are unique in their own ways.




Seaflo: He started the show on a very high note, probably when the hands and minds of the crowd were too cold to cheer, he raised their spirit for the next person. Aside that, he had a good movement on the stage with a song that was easy for the crowd to follow.

Aifee: “When they see me in the club they call me ‘Chairman Sir’” maybe the song is already a hit among the crowd, but this dude has been there with his thing. ‘Makachukwu’ was like an anthem for everyone to sing along and he has got good stage attitude too.


Divincci: I haven’t heard of this dude before, but his lyrics still run on my mind till this moment. Lalolo and Ginger my thing, are ready to compete at any level and this brother was there to express his music facially as well as in body movement. Thanks bro! I just learnt that the body can still sing.

Kenny Cee: He might have been the youngest of all the artistes, but he justified his session with a tight performance. I wasn’t only thrilled by that, but all of us present were. The WBI boy surely knows where he was going because coming on stage with an unknown song and making the crowd to sing along is something a combination of good song and tight lyrics can do. Keep rapping bro! Keep it up.

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Sofia: The only lady in the house should not be competing with anyone in this. Her performance reminds me of Patra of those days and trying to do the hips don’t lie thing in her own way caught all the attention she needed to be on this list. Keep it up sis!

Sexy Money: This brother came on stage with Young F to do his song, but you can see him all over the stage doing his thing as if his heels had turbo speed in it. His kind of performance needs a larger stage to contain his energy.

E-Black: He put up a cut-throat performance for his ‘Point and Kill’ and he can really move his head like an actor in Indian movie, I mean the snake thing. ‘Point and Kill’ was okay to make many to dance and the credit will surely go to this brother.

Asopat: Nwafor! Nwafor!! Hey! This brother did it all on this track, with the lyrics, timing and he knows the right time to say everything in that song. He did his job on stage and his performance was never a waste of time.

Red Loaf: I always see him as one of the best on stage with the action that speaks his music. He came on stage, dancing and singing at the same time and his Igbo lyrics is a brand that thrilled everyone. He is an old timer in the game and I believe experience took him there.


Acharaman: Even before he came on stage, the crowd was shouting “Relax” and he didn’t give them that. Although he performed ‘Relax’ and another track with Red Loaf, ‘Sherikoko’ was something he got the ladies shaking their bodies. Aside his popularity, he has the kind of lyrics and stage attitude that will always win him the love of the crowd anytime any day.


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