This week remains interesting as the ladies still retain the top spots on our review.


Our gossip tradition is retained, as we go on talking about things that are not our business hoping that no bottle will break a bottle on our head.



As O’town Gist de enter motor wey go carry am go see im third month for online broadcast, we dey thank all of our visitors, come dey pray make Baba God, the only God wey dey carry capital letter when others dey rock small one bless una nyafu nyafu, soo tee una no go lack anything for this July, and nothing go concern us for poster unless say na crusade we dey do, in Jesus name, Amen. Shout your own oh!

As O’town Gist wish our Chief of Staff, Prince Eze Madumere happy birthday, one drunkard call me for phone come dey imagine say our oga cake go big like National Cake, say na im be say na basin women go take carry their share dey go village. As e no be so, we still de hail The Prince, come de encourage them say make them Rescue us wella oh.

Young Roc on the beat! Bros how you dee na, we hear say this bro been no well, but thank God say im don carry you comot for the only company wey no de do advert (Hospital). We dey thank God for that again, come still de pray say make im heal that tooth ache wey dey hold you down. Get well now now, soon fit tey.


As we report say Bigchance and Cyphatyte don break up Reflex, person come dey ask me whether na woman cause de quarrel, abi na money. Me, I talk say make them go ask the horses oh, say I talk the one wey I sabi, I no wan go de lie lie for another person matter.

People de break up everyday, make una free these dudes make them recover na, afterall breakups de carry heartbreak, and this one we come concern three people mean say the heartbreak go big. Chei1 e no easy.

As O’town Gist come roll out their #hellojuly Female Artiste of the Month, n aim one person come de ask me wetin these girls go win, I come think am say na good question oh. I come think answers soo tee my brain empty, I tell de bros say we go get back to am, still im no gree, na im I tell am ‘sponsors wanted’.

O’town Gist don take time go Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education go inaugurate im crew for that place, and soon, we go de get first hand campus gist from there, so as you de do wetin u de do for Alvan, we de watch you. On the same line, we still don go into partnership with Federal Polytechnic Nekede Radio Station, from dia kwa, we go dey bring una fresh and hot campus gist, at this juncture, we come de thrown am open for students we dey IMSU, FUTO, IMO POLY and other higher institutions for Imo State and outside wey wan be O’town Gist correspondents, make them call 08136723796. No use business center flash oh, infact no flashing. Gbam.

It is time for me to speak the good English I spent money to learn in secondary school with free education, and this takes us to our review for the first week of July.

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Skallite got in with Lost in Music.

This Asaba based artiste has got his attitude and it is surely something with music. “Let’s do less talking and more dancing… I wanna be lost in the music” Surely bro I hope the Dj will have your address in this one else, na market dancing things oh lol.

Whatever it is bro, I can’t take it away from you. Good beat and good song.

We wish you the best.

First Lady in the house today is Mz Razz, she got in with her very first single, Marry me.

Not bad for a nurse, and surely, I must marry you cos I need all the nurse TLC things just like my mum gave my daddy. Three gbosaa for nurses. I love you mum.

Mz Razz in this rap track. Is trying to show that ladies can do the rap thing even when the kitchen things still awaits lol.

Good song babe.

If you wanna marry Mz Razz, the simple thing to do is to click here.

A brand new one from this brother in O’town Naut-B, produced by Young Roc, he called this one Nu Fyn Boi (New Fine Boy).

A good track that I had to listen to severally before getting it here to share with us. After Owa and Hudata, this brother is stepping up to bring something different on his beats, still maintaining his style. I put it to you that he did well on this track.

For the New Fine Boy, click here.

Another dude all the way from Lagos got in with this track he called Takarawa. I wonder what that means and still wonder where this dude learnt this style of music. It reminds of nothing, no one nor any group that has ever existed but him.

Funkie Chef, nice dish for the people, and I hope you keep up with the pace.

Download Takarawa

This one comes from Harrysong ft Bigchance and Cyphatyte produced Shizzi and Reflex.

Hope it won’t be the last time Reflex will be working with Bigchance and Cyphatyte on a song.

This is about Harrysong, this is about Bigchance and Cyphatyte and this is about Taiye Kahinde Remix.

A good song from these dudes, something you really want to listen to.

O’town, I present our own Harmony with her brand new single, Kokodiko produced by Somik.

This is pure female hip-hop, something that has been scarce in this part of the world.

This is nothing personal, but it is time for you to get down to the dance floor, moving that body to the rhythm of this one kokodikooooooooo….., just like you don’t care.

Good one my sister, keep it up.

Get kokodiko here.



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