Owerri trio thrill Polo Park

Enugu State has dominated the entertainment industry in the South East, owing to the presence of parks in the city which allows promoters to organize shows at a very low cost. The presence of the popular Polo Park and Blue Berry Park has really encouraged up-and-coming artistes, because they can freely come there anytime anyday and perform. Most of them get paid by the money people spray on them until tey start getting invitations to big shows. The absence of such free and functioning parks in Owerri has really affected the music industry in this part of the South East. This absence saw our hip-hop trio Acharaman, Redloaf and Harmony weekend traveled to Enugu the Coal City for a show at the popular Polo Park, which is one of the packages that have kept Enugu State at the forefront of entertainment in the South East. The show which also had the best of Coal City music industry in the likes of Slow Dog, Nonny D, Hype MC, Dekumzy, Mr Books, Ransom, and Blue Sky Int’l Crew featuring was one of the promo tours these artistes have put up to gain a firm ground around the former eastern state of Nigeria, and with the kind of songs both had travelled with, it’s obvious that Coal City will enjoy them.

The show was a usual Coal City affair until the trio went on stage to thrill the people of Enugu with their varieties and was actually another moment in the show when life, melody and cheering took over Polo Park. Acharaman after performing , through his blackberry posted a picture of him Slow dog, and Effects MC, while Harmony through @harmonyshantan on twitter, tweeted wrote “Enugu de feel me now, I’m killing the show” This is what we actually want for the industry here in Imo State, artistes who can go out of the state and keep the flag flying. We wish them and the rest of Imo state based artistes the best in the Journey of music.




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