Nigerian still remains a beautiful place and will still be no matter the odds we face in the country. Amongst these odds is the love we have imported material. No matter the quality, these products are believed to be of superior quality compared to what we can produce down here in Nigeria, even when it not true.

Where it concerns fashion, people see imported fairly used materials popularly known as Okirika as their only opportunity to put on designers cloths and shoes, watches and other accessories.

But the big question still remains, who loves Okirika most, ladies or the guys.


In a bid to get thorough and fair answers to this question, I sort the opinion of few people around me, balancing the number on both genders and these are the responses

Ngozi (female)

I’ll surely give it to the ladies because when you look around you, you will see that the whole Okirika concept is favouring them. You will always see more of the ladies wears and they are also cheap. If something is cheap and good, why look for an alternative.

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Munachiso (male)


I can’t say for sure, but the ladies buy more of it, I do buy sometimes especially when I see the one I love.

Ify (female)

Na girls na! Okirika lasts longer although it has grades. When I go for it, I go for the high grades. That’s all I know and the final truth in it.

Lynda (female)

I’ll say both sexes love it and buy it when they see a good one for them.


I got plenty more answers which pointed towards the ladies and for this picture check, I took them at the popular Okirika market along School Road Owerri, if you see a guy there, he’s the one selling it.

Carry go ladies