The CEO of Morhymes City Records a music production outfit based in Owerri spoke to O’town Gist at the event of their 5 years anniversary.



Morhymes City Records at 5



I’m very excited and I give God all the glory. It’s not an easy thing in the struggle to stardom in the entertainment industry, but God has been faithful to us.

The growth

Morhymes is a household name in Nigeria entertainment industry. It all started back in Lagos when the industry experienced the revolution that took it to where it is now.

I started with three artistes, Dj Black, Slim and Chuks aka Base2. All of them are still there in Lagos. I had doubts of making it to this level, but I kept moving, dusting myself up anytime I fell. Moreover, I was always ready to try again, and it got me here.


To Owerri

Morhymes City Records put up an umbrella for the best of the best in the industry in Imo State. I brought them together and made them see how they can help each other to succeed.

We lack so much here in Imo State in terms of investors in the entertainment industry, so I tried to bring the artistes together to see what we can do for ourselves because no tree can make a forest.

The artistes

I’m working with Nani, Arty Ready, Harmony, General Sleezy, and Still Bill. All of them are working so hard to hit the limelight and it won’t be long till we see them there.

Artistes’ Organization and Imo Performing Arts

Imo Performing Arts is good thing, but my problem with it is that a group of people are running it. It’s a clique thing which is not supposed to be, a group of people cannot just wake up and speak for everyone because they are probably the first to identify with the government or the first to use the name Imo Performing Arts to operate. They can exist the way they are, but all I know for sure is that entertainment in Imo State will surely grow. Nevertheless, we still need to come together.

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I’m in talks with some big shots in the industry like Kennys Music, Banky W, and others, trying to make them see reasons why they should come down to Owerri to sign artistes because everything is happening here.

Your problem with it

This association did not just fall from the sky, it started one day and my question is simply this. Whom did they tell about it? Did they publicize it? Did they send invitations to artistes and producers? I guess the only answer is no, because I’m not aware of it.

Everybody ought to be aware of it because it will really be a good thing if we are all working together in this thing and not like it is today.

Invitation from Imo Performing Arts

I’ll definitely honour the invitation, not just to me, but to everyone. Unity brings growth; you can see how states like Enugu and Port Harcourt are reaping from it.

How will unity help?

Yes, it will surely help because the saying that the strength of a broom lies in its bunch still stands. When investors see seriousness within the artistes, they’ll surely come. Unlike now, they might ask questions about the industry here and realize that there are plenty organizations, not even one that is binding everyone together. They’ll see it that we are segregating here and that doesn’t make us serious in any way.

Biggest artistes you worked with

I started with Sound Sultan, I’ve worked with Slow Dog, Teejay, Smile, and in Owerri we have Nani, Harmony, Acharaman, General Sleezy and others.

Five artistes from Owerri, if you’re to sign

It won’t just be about signing and leaving the artistes there. If I own a record label and I’m to sign five artistes, I’ll pick Acharaman, Aifee, Arty Ready, Nani, BigChance & Cyphatyte, I know Reflex is there, but these guys are  just good and nothing can change that.

No lady?

Maybe I skipped that, but I eye a lady in the industry here, Harmony, she has done good music and I see a good future for her.

Your wish for Morhymes

Growth because I believe we cannot end here. Morhymes at five and further will make a difference in the entertainment industry of Imo State.